Highest number of wins: 43
Max RP: 2088
Guild: (´・д・)つ『零』

n238 is the winner of the Lavato Grand Championship 2011.
He specializes in using a big Files, and is known for his sense of timing his strongest cards.

I will try my best, so please launch a new card set for Alteil (not Alteil2) if I win.
Highest number of wins: 28
Max RP: 2038
Guild: 月下美人

Fallerea won third place in the Lavato Grand Championship 2011.
He has excellent playing skills, and has won in a variety of match-ups with a variety of Files.

I will try hard to avenge the defeat of our world championship last year.
Highest number of wins: 36
Max RP: 2148
Guild: Fluffy Pokemon Lovers

Aces is too serious to comment before an important match...
Highest number of wins: 77
Max RP: 2198
Circle of Eldritch Magi

I think that the championship is an amazing way to show the diversity of the game and different metas and how people think because of metas. I think it is great that me and aces8 both get to play this year. I really thought he deserved to be this years champion over everyone else because the other three iczers, including myself, had played and studied the game since the last grand championship and got into the final four by our past experience and game knowledge. Aces8 stood out from the us and had a much better understanding of the current meta and files and how they should be played and what they are good and bad against. I wish him the best of luck in his game against japan and hope to play him again in the finals.

Worthing and Aces each are coming at this match from opposite sides. Worthing is one of the best players ever at the 'fundamentals' of Alteil, the basic truths that always work. Aces, meanwhile, knows the current meta backwards and forwards. Since the card-pool is limited to popular cards, nothing will surprise him. Between the two, any player from anywhere in the world would have difficulty, so I hope team Japan is ready!

The Finalists can only use the 339 cards found in this list.
This will simplify the learning curve for Japanese players and help ensure a level playing field.

■Participating Iczers
Alteil JAPAN Grand Champion: n238
Alteil JAPAN Grand Champion Runner up: Fularia

  Alteil USA Grand Champion: Aces8
Alteil USA Grand Champion 1st Runner up: Worthing

■Battle Date
・The first match: 26th May 2012 9:30AM EST Time [Fularia(JP) Versus Worthing(US)]
・The second match: In June [n238(JP) Versus Aces8] (to be announced)

■The Battle field
Alteil.com (USA) in the Training Arena

●How To Watch
If you have a US Alteil account, simply log in at the time of the battle and go to the Training Arena.
You can click on the Duel to become a spectator.

For Japanese users or new users, please sign up as a member of GamepotUSA and then login to US Alteil.

In addition, we will release a replay of the matches a day or so after they happen.
You’ll be able to find them posted on the main page, and in the Forums.


Winning Country:50,000 Gran / world championship icon
Winning Country:10,000 Gran / world championship icon
※Granted to the user's main account on their respective server.

■Other Rules
●In case of a draw
In the case of a draw, the winner will be determined by who has the higher remaining LP.
If the remaining LP is the same, the winner will be determined by who has the higher number of Soul Cards remaining.
If the remaining number of Soul Cards is the same, the winner will be determined by who has the higher number of cards
remaining in his or her File.
If the remaining number of cards in the file is the same, there will be another battle on a different date.

●In case the match is interrupted
In case a disconnection happens within 1 turn, it will become an invalid game and a rematch will take place.
(File change is not allowed, editing is not allowed)
In the case there is a disconnection after the 2nd turn, the user that disconnected will be determined as the loser.

●Regarding the preparation of the JAPANESE Champions
They will have time to learn and train on US Alteil servers with the 339 cards available.
They will have the option to use either English or Japanese language versions of these cards.

Memorial Avatar for world championship 2011. Equip and support players!

May 25th, 2012 - June 30th, 2012

■Avatar Information


▲USA Flag

▲Japan Flag
●Body Avatar


▲Sushi Boy