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The Avatar system can be accessed from the Avatar Manager button in the My Iczer page, and the Avatar section of the shop. There are nine categories of Avatar. Main body, Hair, Equipment, Armor, Background, Moral Support, Accessories, Backpack and Potions. There are also some Special Avatars that allow you to have something a bit more unique.

All avatars can be purchased with either Gran, Fight Money, both, or one or the other. Look below the Avatar to see what payment options are available. Before you buy anything, hit the "Preview" button to see what it looks like on your avatar. This makes sure it looks right. There are lots of strange and unusual avatars around, and not all of them look right with all of the equipment or backgrounds. The Avatar system may also stop you from using equipment not designed for your pose.

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This covers most objects held in your Avatar's hands, like weapons and shields. They are designed to be used for different poses, and will be designated as such. Knights can hold sword and shield combos, or single hand weapons in their right hands, or long weapons in their left (because if we put them in the right they’d be too long and go off-screen…). If you have either of the latter options, you’ll have an empty hand left over. Luckily, the Accessory section has a variety of things that can be held in either hand.