Serial numbers are 16 digit passkeys used to redeem for in game money, card, or special items. Be careful to type them in correctly when redeeming them, some of the numbers and letters can look like others. For example, zero and capital "O".

There are many ways to receive serial numbers: Promotions · DVD inserts · Special Events or Conventions

Serial Redemption ButtonSerial redemption. If you have a serial number that you'd like to redeem, from the My Iczer tab (the default entry page), click the Serial Number menu item from the first menu underneath the header.

Serial Redemption ButtonThe serial number redemption page will appear in the Other Tab. Please note the Other Tab is used for lots of other things like the point card redeemer. You must click the serial number menu item to access the specific redemption page.

Enter the appropriate code in the box below. Upon confirmation, you will be taken to a page that will notify you of what you received.