Collecting Level Up Cards Card Buying Cards

All Iczers begin with 50 free cards, but in order to get stronger, personalize your Card File and build entirely new Card Files, you’ll need to collect more cards.


Gran is the virtual money of Alteil. Spending Gran in the Card Shop is the easiest way to get cards. Check out the buying cards section. You can get Gran by purchasing it with real-world money, using the cashier tab, and you also can get some Gran just by playing. The average Iczer should be able to get enough free Gran to get one card per day.

Point Cards

When you collect Point Cards, you can trade them in for any card of your choice using the Redeemer on the My Iczer Tab. The more point cards you have, the higher Rarity card you can get. There are many ways to get Point cards, including buying them with Fight Money in the Card Shop under EX Cards.

Treasure Battles

Whenever you have a duel in the ranked arenas, which means any arena but Training and Single Player, there is a chance you’ll have a Treasure Battle. If you’re on a winning streak, the chance is higher. This is also true if your opponent is on a winning streak, so if you happen to get into a duel with a very strong Iczer, at least you’ll likely get a free card if you manage to beat them. At the beginning of a Treasure Battle, the game generates a random card and reveals it to you. The winner of the duel gets the card.

Alteil Site Contests

Check back on our main web page periodically for when we run contests. They can be a fun way to win some cards, Gran, or Point Cards. The Forums are also a great place to learn about contests.