Free Gran Using the Cashier Tab Using the Card Recycler

Using the Cashier Tab First, click on the Cashier Tab.

The Cashier Tab

Gran Dropdown

Here you select the amount of Gran you'd like to buy. The higher you buy at once, the bigger a discount you get.

  • 50 Gran for $.50 ($.01 = 1 Gran)
  • 150 Gran for $1.50 ($.01 = 1 Gran)
  • 500 Gran for $5.00 ($.01 = 1 Gran)
  • 1100 Gran for $10.00 ($.01 = 1.1 Gran)
  • 1800 Gran for $16.00 ($.01 = 1.125 Gran)
  • 2300 Gran for $20.00 ($.01 = 1.15 Gran)
  • 3600 Gran for $30.00 ($.01 = 1.2 Gran)
  • 6000 Gran for $50.00 ($.01 = 1.2 Gran)
  • 12000 Gran for $100.00 ($.01 = 1.2 Gran)

Payment Type Select Box

Here you choose your payment type. With the options below, almost anyone, anywhere can buy Gran.

Credit Card

Allows you to pay directly with most major Credit Cards, including Discover, over the secure EPS server.

Asia Soft

Users from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia can enjoy the convenience of using their existing Asia Soft accounts and @cash to buy Gran.


You can use your Paypal account to buy Gran. In addition, you can simply enter your Credit Card though Paypal as an alternative to using the separate Credit Card payment selection. Please note that using Paypal via bank transactions takes longer than credit card.

Ultimate Gamercard

These cards that contain generic virtual money can be found in many major retailers, including Target and 7-11. Although Ultimate Gamercards are presently unavailable in increments higher than $20, you may enter multiple Ultimate Gamercards into a single purchase form, so you can buy $30 or more worth of Gran in one transaction, enjoying the discounts for bulk purchases.

Pay by Cash

You must purchase at least $10 worth of Gran to select this option. Pay by Cash accepts over 80 forms of payment, including pay by Text Message, wire transfer or check. You can even put $10 in an envelope and mail it to them if you want to. We cover the fees charged by Pay by Cash itself, but sometimes there are additional fees beyond our or Pay by Cash’s control. For example, some cell phone carriers may charge you a fee for paying by Text Message, while other may not.

When you select a payment type, you’ll be taken off site. We take your personal information very seriously, and in this instance our policy is to leave it to the pros. Our payees are some of the most experienced in the business, and their totally secure payment sites will handle your orders quickly and efficiently. Just complete their forms and wait until you are returned to our site for the success screen..