Free Gran Using the Cashier Tab Using the Card Recycler

To get Gran with real-world money, simply use the Cashier Tab.

If you’re not ready to spend, there are still a few ways for a free player to earn Gran.

Mirage Master

This is a memory-matching mini-game you can access from the My Iczer Tab. When you click on it, the game will open in the Game Tab. To switch the Game Tab back to Alteil, just go to the My Iczer page again, and click on the Alteil button. The first time you play each day, you will get Gran. Each time you play after that will earn you some Fight Money. Different difficulty levels earn you different amounts:

Mirage Master Beginner Intermediate Advanced
* 1 1 1
** 3 5 5
*** 5 10 15
**** 10 15 20
Jr. Pro/Pro/Master 15 20 30

Treasure Battles

Whenever you have a duel in the ranked arenas, which means any arena but Training or Single Player, there is a chance you’ll have a Treasure Battle. If you’re on a winning streak, the chance is higher. This is also true if your opponent is on a winning streak, so if you happen to get into a duel with a very strong Iczer, at least you’ll likely get a free card if you manage to beat them. At the beginning of a Treasure Battle, the game generates a random card and reveals it to you. The winner of the duel gets the card. Cards you don’t need can be Recycled for Gran.

Weekly Rankings

Every Monday at noon, the Weekly Rankings are posted on the front page of our main Web Site. The top five are also constantly visible to the right, and that updates every ten minutes or so. When the Weekly Rankings are posted, we give Gran to everyone who has fought in a ranked arena, which means any arena but Training or Single Player. You get 2 Gran for a win, 1 for a draw, and –1 for a loss. Also, there is a minimum of 10 Gran for every qualifying Iczer.

The Recycler

Cards you don’t need can be sold back to the game for Gran with the Card Recycler.

Serial Numbers and Promotions

You can get Serial Numbers and Promotional Codes which, depending on the promotion, give you free Gran. These are given out on special occasions such as convention sign ups.

What does this mean to me?

Playing Mirage Master everyday is a big extra gran bonus. Most players choose Beginner - **** or Intermediate - *** These offer a decent challenge and enough gran to get at least one card from the lottery from the shop. Duel in the arena as much as possible to get at least 10 Gran on Mondays. Recycle cards that you have four or more of. Remember: you can only have three in your deck at once. This should help you on your way to building a respectable card file.