The Duel is divided into Battle Phases, where certain events take place each turn. These events are automated, and everything is taken care of by the computer. You will be prompted whenever it’s time to make a decision, so it’s not necessary to learn exactly what happens in each phase. However, when planning out advanced strategies, this knowledge can be invaluable.

Set Phase

In the Set Phase, you make the choices that determine the direction of the duel.

1) Units Disengage – All Engaged Units Disengage. All one-turn effects from the previous turn end.

2) SP Generation – On turn 1, you start with 5 SP. On all subsequent turns, you get +2 SP.

3) Deploy – Each Iczer places the unit he Set on the previous turn onto the field.

4) Revival or Burial– Any Iczer with one or more Closed Units (0 HP or less) gets a chance to Revive. You may Revive as many units as you want, as long as you have 1 SP per card and an additional copy of the card in question in your Card File. Anything not tagged for Revival now will be Buried during the Active Phase.

5) Raise Sphere Levels – Either Iczer can increase any of the four Sphere Levels at a cost of 1 SP per level. If your Sphere Level is already equal or higher to the level of the card you want to Set this turn, there is no need to raise it further.

6) Set Card – Each Iczer chooses what card to Set this turn, or may Skip. This card is immediately moved to the Set Area, and SP equal to its level is deducted.