Starter Card FilesTo get started, go ahead and click on the GAME TAB.

The first time you go to the GAME TAB you’ll be asked to choose a Starter File. There are four, one for each Sphere, or color: Refess (yellow), Lawtia (purple), Gowen (red) and Falkow (blue).

These Files are a pre-built collection of 25 cards for playing and 5 Soul Cards, all of the same Sphere. They also include an additional 20 cards of mixed Spheres, for a total of 50 so you can do some customizing right away.

Starter Card Files


Refess is the Sphere of light and healing. It features high HP units with good defense that can buff one another, but they tend to be slow.

Starter Card Files


Lawtia is the Sphere of darkness and sacrifice. It features Spell Point draining, bonuses at night, and a few extremely powerful units that require careful timing to use.

Starter Card Files


Gowen is the Sphere of Fire and Nature. It features early field control with powerful inexpensive units, and the best direct damage spells of the four Spheres.

Starter Card Files


Falkow is the Sphere of Wind and Water. It features agility manipulation, crafty combos, and the strongest non-damaging special abilities and spells.