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The Achievement System

Achievements are another way for players to earn free cards, fight money and experience points.

The Underdog Duelist

an Underdog File follows very specific File-building rules and is made mostly of Underdog Cards. Please take a look at the requirements below to make sure your Underdog File follows the rules.

Soul Cards: Your File must have at least 4 Underdog Soul cards. The 1 remaining card can be anything.
Play Cards: Your File can only have 2 cards that are not Underdog Cards. Also, see the exception list below.
Exception List: In addition to your 2 cards that can be anything, you may add up to two cards from the following list to your file, even if they are not on the Underdog Lists:

Will o the Wisp, Shade, Salamander, Dryad, Sylph, Undine, Kasaran Pasaran, Archer Scout, Owl Sage, Recovery Powder, Soul Pact, Rapid Growth, and Meaning of Failure.

Whenever you gain a win with an Underdog File in the Folrart Arena, you'll see a record appear on your Profile under the My Iczer Tab. Once you gain 10 wins, you'll earn the achievement again!

Profile Page

Here are the Underdog Card Lists.

Underdog Play Cards:
Underdog Soul Cards:

You can also find them on the main site under GAME INFO -> STRATEGY. The lists update every two weeks, so you should double check each week to see if your File still qualifies.

PRE-REQUISITE: Have Welcome to Alteil Achievements (1-11)
REQUIREMENT: Accumulate ten wins using Underdog Files in Folrart, battles must go at least ten turns.
REWARD: 10 Point Cards