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The Achievement System

Achievements are another way for players to earn free cards, fight money and experience points.

The Dailey Duelist

The Daily Duelist has a Cooldown Period, which means that once you have completed it, you can do it again after the specified time is up.
Because the Cooldown is 22 hours, you'll be able to earn this Achievement about once a day. As a low level player you can use this Achievement to earn Fight Money (FM) which will let you play the Fight Money Lottery under the Shop Tab and accumulate more cards.
At higher levels you can use it if you get stuck. It will let you advance and get powerful level-up cards.
Remember this well, because you will not receive another Mail no matter how many times you complete the Daily Duelist.
You can check your profile page to track when your next chance to get the acheivement is.

Profile Page

REQUIREMENT: Win or lose a battle in the Folrart or Crest Arenas that goes 10 turns or more without Giving Up.

LVL 1-14: 50 FM
LVL 15-19: 25 XP and 50 FM
LVL 20+: 50 XP