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The Achievement System

Achievements are another way for players to earn free cards, fight money and experience points.

Lapierre Sensei

The Intro Quest

The Introductory Quest is a series of 11 tasks that are essentially Achievements. The series begins with a single mail from Lapierre Sensei, and then after you complete each Achievement you'll get another in game mail telling you all about the next one. Each email tells you a little more about Alteil and gives you some hints. As you complete them, you'll be rewarded with cards (Beginner's versions).

For the Introductory Quest you have to do each task in order. Some of them, like "reach level 2" are retroactive, so if you get the one before it and you're already level 2, you'll get both at once.

Welcome to Alteil 1

Requirement: Defeat lvl 1 NPC
Reward: Folrart Shield Knight

Welcome to Alteil 2

Requirement: 1 win in Crest or Folrart
Reward: Undine

Welcome to Alteil 3

Requirement: Use the File Menu to edit any Card File
Reward: Cemetery Rats

Welcome to Alteil 4

Requirement: Defeat lvl 5 NPC
Reward: 140 FM

Welcome to Alteil 5

Requirement: Have an Avatar Item equipped other than the default ones
Reward: Salamander

Welcome to Alteil 6

Requirement: Defeat lvl 10 NPC
Reward: 5 Gran

Welcome to Alteil 7

Requirement: Play Mirage Master at least once, have at least 10 Gran
Reward: Invisible Druid

Welcome to Alteil 8

Requirement: Use the Card Lottery at least once
Reward: None

Welcome to Alteil 9

Requirement: Reach Iczer level 2 or higher
Reward: Wizard Archer of Regus

Welcome to Alteil 10

Requirement: Defeat lvl 15 NPC
Reward: Griffin

Welcome to Alteil 11

Requirement: Reach Iczer level 3 or higher
Reward: Berserker