Community Starter Tournament Results
Written by Logress   
Monday, 31 August 2009 16:18

This Saturday Peralisc2 ran another community Tournament, this one for Starters Only.  Unfortunately, most of the Refess avocates I know of weren't able to make it, but we've got a strong finish for a Lawtia Starter, second for Gowen and Falkow took 1st (as well as 3rd and a lot of the rest of the top spots).

1st place: GeNeSiZ (Falkow)

2nd place: Artist (Gowen)

Runner ups:

3rd alvisto (Falkow)
4th Keran (Gowen)
5th Keladry (Lawtia) & Crematia (Gowen)
6th Divinemagnum (Falkow) & Shinnja (Falkow)


Nice job everyone!  Hopefully we'll get another Starter Tourney in a month or so. Also, I highly recommend you all go to the FORUM THREAD on this tournament and check out some of the videos for all those of you with Starters or Modified Starters. It's a good way to get some ideas.

Monday Monday Monday! - Icons and Sig Day
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Monday, 31 August 2009 16:02
More fun stuff has arrived. Icons and sigs for you to copy and paste into your profiles. Chibis, Set 1 and 2 characters, animations, and bears oh my! Enjoy.
Set 4 RP ranking is up!
Written by lupos   
Friday, 28 August 2009 22:02

First things first, big congrats to our top Iczer for set 4, Galandros. Quite a feet. I'd love to have something clever or amusing like those HILARIOUS EdgarFigaro posts *coughsarcasmcaugh* but it's late in the day and I've got to rush out the door so you'll have to settle for my subtle jabs at EdgarNotFunnygaros humor.

For those too lazy to go look our top 5 are as follows

Ranking Iczer Name  Rating Points Max Rating Points

1 Galandros 2137 2188

2 InigoMonto 2120 2235

3 Skewer 2090 2115

4 BeezNeez 2087 2165

5 xXIncaXx 2079 2079


For those of you who want to see the whole list and find out where you landed on it jump on over here. If you can't find your name you may have had 1500 or less and just aren't there. :(

So that's it, gotta run. Big Congratulations again to all those who ranked.

EdgarFigaro isn't funny. 

P.S.  Will fix the name formatting monday. Not sure why that happened.

P.P.S (EdgarFigaro == DaneCook){echo "true"}

Set 5 PR
Written by Logress   
Friday, 28 August 2009 22:03

I know this isn't anything like news to our site regulars at this point, but everything's all happy with Set 5 now, so it's time for the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE!





Set 5 is here! An all new card set expansion based around theme Files.  New cards make all kinds of theme Files possible using cards from previous sets, while new File types can be created just with Set 5 Cards!

The battle for the Holy Realm reaches a new level with the arrival of smarter command model Magic Dolls, who cut through the enemy forces. Then the army of the Shrine Knights arrive, rallying to the cause of Folrart. Caught in between, Rivera realizes her destiny of the Beast King and releases her true power! But the great battle shakes the walls of the Holy Realm shrine, awakening something beyond the gate.  The final gate guardian appears in a nimbus of light that envelops the battlefield. Will anything remain when the smoke clears?

  • 60 new cards! 15 in each Sphere of influence, including new Characters, Units and Grimoires!
  • Set 5 Packs and Set 5 Boxes are available in the Shop, at the same price as Set 1, 2, 3 and 4 Packs and Boxes.
  • Set 5 Cards are available in the Card Lottery.
  • Set 5 Cards are available in Treasure Battles, and for Level Up Cards.
  • Enough cards to play all new file types with only set 5 cards! Help each other out with Shrine Knights, exploit your troops with Magic Doll Command Units, control the field with Ice magic and live forever with the Undead!
  • New Status abilities let you break the rules, with skill effects that were not possible in earlier sets!
  • Bestow Traits on your allies, gain extra Skills when Counters are triggered, and enjoy immunity to Grimores and Soul Skills!
  • Classic play styles get new options, with more ways to change Battletime, get bonuses for Grimoires used, and more options for Solar Kingdom, Mermaids and Crest.
  • Art by Rei (Code Geass Manga), Masaki Hirooka (Culdcept Saga, Sonic and the Secret Rings), Kazuno Yuikawa (Aquarian Age, Ragnarok Online), and many more!

Check out the preview page and new trailer here!

Card List Fixed!
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Friday, 28 August 2009 19:55
Yep that's about it. It's fixed. All good in IE7. Enjoy.
Card List Issues and IE7
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Friday, 28 August 2009 17:42

IE7 is experiencing oddities with the card list. Coupled with the fact that the sub-menus are still non-functional. To see the list for IE 7 users, click here. We're working on a solution. Progress is coming... slowly! But it should be resolved soon.

DWildstar has Joined the Party!
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Friday, 28 August 2009 15:28

Everyone welcome DWildstar to the exclusive club known as the Alteil GMs. He's mostly a Refess player, so use that to your advantage. So we now have seven GMs kickin' around in the arenas.

Emperor Gestahl: We stand on the brink of a major breakthrough! In the days to come, we'll witness a total revival of magic! It is our destiny, and ours alone, to take this mystic force and claim what is rightfully ours! With our new-found power, nothing can stand in our way! 

Magic in the form of every card ever! Tis quite a power indeed. Be prepared fellow Iczers.

Community STARTER Tournament
Written by Logress   
Friday, 28 August 2009 15:05

This Saturday afternoon, the community organizers are putting to gather a STARTER tournament.  That means everyone with a Starter can play. (note... if you don't have a starter, you may be playing the wrong game...)

GM's are putting up prizes, and I highly recommend you all give this a chance. How many times have you said you'd be able to take out so-and-so if they didn't have so many expensive cards?  Well, now is your chance to prove it.  Also, if you happen to be a beginner, going to the Training Arena and watching some of these high-levelers battle it out with Starters is invaluable.  It's like watching someone thread a needle with a Buick, and learning from them will make you clean up in Regus and Crest.

To learn all about the Starter tournament and sign up, check out the FORUM THREAD HERE.

Written by Logress   
Friday, 28 August 2009 14:53

So... some of you may have noticed your RP RESET... yeah, probably should have given you a WARNING. Too little sleep.  So the way it works is that RP is Reset with every new set.  Then, last set's RP ranking list is IMMORTALIZED, carved into the chest plate of Dullen's armor, where it will last forever (at least until he next blows himself up)... or actually, on the rankings page.  I'll post a link as soon as the guys have it formatted all pretty for ya.

Note, your 'best RP ever' score is maintained, so if one set or another specifically worked with your play style, you can make sure no one every forgets it.

ALSO, Set five should be EVERYWHERE now, including treasure battles,  Point Card Redeemer, and LEVEL UP CARDS.  So, no holding back!

Written by Logress   
Friday, 28 August 2009 12:55

Set 5 is up in the shop and Lotto!  It's probably not up in the level up cards yet, I'll do that as soon as I get to the office.

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