All your Den-o Belongs to ME!
Written by Gaogaigirl   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 19:36

Drawing sculpting and time travel fills my free moments.

I’ve been all sorts of busy. Aside from my design workload I’ve been manic in my desire to draw and sculpt (I owe this to Hiroko ::see previous blog post:: ). I can’t seem to find enough time to get everything done that I want to do. I get home late so at best I have three hours a night to divide between either drawing or working on my Melan sculpture. To make up for this I draw on the train on the way into and from work. This presents it’s own set of problems as my sketchbook is tiny and the train isn’t terribly stable. Regardless I don’t let it stop me, I’ve made so many bad excuses through the years to not draw so I have allot to make up for. I’m not pleased with the quality of what I do but it is the pence I must pay for doing nothing for so long. So I keep chugging away and absolutely loving it. I was never much of a fan art generating person so it feels a little strange to start doing it now.

As you can see this book is small but kinda cool. It’s made up of different color textured papers allowing me experiment.

My other pet project is my Melan sculpt. I started him back in 2001 when I first saw Brigadoon but stopped because he was just too difficult for me to make. So I snapped off his head and kept in the “someday I’ll finish it” pile. Well my newfound motivation got me to pick him up and I’m determined to finish him this time.

He’s made of Primo Scuply and since I don’t really know how to sculpt properly I have to bake him as I go (this prevents me from ruining what I’ve already done). He is still very difficult to sculpt but I have a much better handle on it this time (9 years more experience helps as well). Sadly the other night his legs snapped off and leg cracked during a baking cycle. I’ve been able to patch him up but I did flip out when it happened. I’ll post more pics when I’m further along.

In between all of this comes my new love of Kamen Rider Den-O. A show that promotes the joy of coffee and has a main character yelling about how he starts at a Climax constantly…. total WIN. All you need to know is this: Momotarosu is fantastic. He dances, beats people up and drinks coffee. Almost every toy incarnation of him comes with a coffee cup. Look for it, watch it, love it.

Here is a video of just him ‘cause he rules!

and just for fun :D