I Love Melan Blue
Written by Gaogaigirl   
Wednesday, 21 October 2009 03:33

I got a lot to say folks so hang on to your hats!


I have been recently reveling in a show I saw some 9 years ago. What began as a nostalgic trip turned down many paths and lead me to an enjoyable encounter with a fantastic artist and some solid inspiration for many an enjoyable evening of drawing (something I have not done in many years). So my initial desire was to share this anime with my friends and coworkers. It’s a rare gem that few in the US have had a chance to enjoy. The show is Brigadoon: Marin and Melan. Look it up and you’ll find so-so reviews (mostly from people looking for it to fit into “X” category and being disappointed) or high praise from those that it touched. Brigadoon is a work that covers so many different elements that it doesn’t fit neatly into any genre; it is a Sci-Fi, it is a slice of life, it is a monster tale and in the end it is a love story. I tell you all this so you can (if you choose to) be better prepared in what you can expect.

Every Thursday night I get together with a group and we convene in the Conference room for anime night. I naturally started them watching Brigadoon in hopes to create some new fans… it worked. The group enjoyment and curiosity pushed me to poke about for (gasp) fan art. When Brigadoon originally aired it held a midnight slot. It was never big and had basically no products T_T. So imagine my surprise when 9 years later I find loads of Brig fan art coming out of Japan. The more I looked the more I found. It seems a new crop of people have seen Brig and love it. Well this made my so very pleased. I was enjoying mountains of Brig art when I found something I thought I’d never see.

Brigadoon Dojinshi

Now most Dojinshi that makes it to USA’s shores is sadly porn, and frankly the idea of Brigadoon porn makes me want to cry. But what I found was not porn, it was Gag! I love gag dojin. I have GaoGaiGar dojin (big surprise right) that is hysterical. So the thought of having Brig dojin excited me to say the least. I spent allot of time looking at this particular dojin artist’s website and eventually got up the nerve to email her in broken Japanese. Imagine my joy and surprise when she responded. She was willing to mail the book to me but was currently in the hospital and would be there for a month (this worried me terribly). With the help of AnnaTheRed I sent her an email saying I didn’t want to trouble her during her hospital stay and would email her when she was out.

I kept up with her website and waited for her release from the hospital all while enjoying her gallery and updates during her treatments. A little while after her release I mailed her again asking if she was still interested in me buying her book . A this point I’m all excited and crazy for her art. She is amazingly talented and a fantastic comedy writer. I got her resounding “yes” and let out a loud “WOO HOO!!” After going back and forth trying to figure out payment we got everything squared away and I prepared to mail out my package to her. Before I sent it I drew up a very simple small thank you / get well card, in retrospect I wish I had done more. Not only did she send me an extra book and sign one for me (I asked her if she would). But she sent me a beautiful thank you card (which you will see below). It was read to me and I certainly held back some tears. It was so sweet and certainly more then I could have asked for. I hope her book is successful, I want everyone to see it (of course it makes no sense without seeing Brigadoon). I feel honored to have it and I’ve put together a rather silly photo comic of my final acquisition of the Dojin. I hope you enjoy it, I love making a fool of myself for you all and I hope I’ve peeked your curiosity about Brigadoon. Enjoy!




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First Page of GGG's Dojin Arrives

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GaoGaiGirl's new Dojin Page 2