Back in Business!
Written by Edgar Figaro   
Monday, 30 November 2009 14:32

Hopefully everyone is recuperating nicely from the tryptophan overload we call turkey.

If you got any leftovers still sitting in the back of your fridge, break a haunch out. The moblins are getting hungry (grumble grumble). Any of you old enough to remember the original Legend of Zelda should know how annoying Goriya was blocking your dungeon path and saying nothing more than "Grumble grumble".

Zelda Merchant

I think why I love the original Zelda the most was that my grandparents got me the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) AND The Legend of Zelda for Christmas. Best Christmas ever? I think so! The other reason is that since Zelda was chock full of so many secrets and opening the hint map was verboten in my household, we had a network of family and friends who solved the mysteries of Hyrule together. Location of the Level 4 dungeon, movable stones with the power ring, hidden money stashes, the blue ring vendor. It was all so Christopher Columbus or Dr. Livingstone like. Uncovering all the secrets Hyrule had to offer. I think it was the best gaming experience I've ever had.

Well look at that. You start talking turkey and you end up saving the princess and the land of Hyrule.