04: Lion Baron Zagar and Abyss Centaur Dical

Despite our shining civilizations, Lavato is still a world of mysteries.

The greatest mysteries of all undeniably revolve around the matter of "Alteil." I am penning this history to give the strategists of Alteil, the Iczers, a chance to better comprehend these mysteries. In this chapter I will discuss the leader of the Solar Kingdom's military forces, Lion Baron Zagar, and the leader of the Duchy of Crest’s military forces, Abyss Centaur Dical.

Where They Began

As is widely known, these two were generals of opposing nations during the War of the Sun and Moon. So how was it that they called each other "friend"?

Let's start by talking about each of their origins.

The highest ranked General of the Solar Kingdom, Zagar, was the oldest son of the Pride family. The Pride family was at the time a famous bloodline of soldiers, although now it has been eclipsed by the personal legend of Zagar himself.

Within the family, he was thought to be a genius because he achieved the rank of general at such a young age.

Both his strategies on the battlefield and his prowess in personal physical combat were born from the tremendous amount of historical knowledge that he had learned in his youth.

Whichever feature of a soldier, knight or general you find important, Zagar excelled at it. He was a first class general, and is widely known as one of the greatest commanders at any level in the entire history of the Solar Kingdom.

But even a living legend like him began as a military academy student in his youth.

The other students in the academy were no match for him, and even the teachers had to stay alert or he would defeat them also.

But even for someone like young Zagar, there was an instructor that he could not compete with.

This was the high commander of the Crest army, Dical.

Zagar was not an arrogant youth, but he was shocked when Dical used his superior ability to defeat him. It had simply never occurred to Zagar that someone so much stronger than him could exist.

From that day forward, Zagar looked up to Dical as a teacher and mentor. It is said that during his years as a student, Zagar would attend at least one of Dical's lectures every day, trying to absorb as much knowledge and skill from him as possible.

Dical was from a race long forgotten in Lavato, and had already served as a general in the Duchy of Crest for several hundred years before Zagar was born. He was quite literally a living legend, and if his presence was confirmed on the battlefield, the enemy would often retreat immediately.

It may be hard to imagine from his frightful appearance, but he was kind and had a good-natured personality. He loved talking to children and teaching them when his duties allowed it.

During a time of peace between Crest and the Solar Kingdom, he was asked to become an instructor at a military school, a facility designated to raise the next generation of generals. For him this was an opportunity that could not be missed, and he ended up taking the position after only two letters passed between him and the headmaster.

Lion Baron / ZagarHowever, because his teachings were so strict, most of the military school's students considered him to be an evil ogre.

There was only one student who was able to keep up with his lessons and excel.

Of course, this student was Zagar.

Dical was surprised by Zagar's ability, and wanted to teach him every bit of history, strategy and skill he could. In no time, Zagar was assigned all manner of extra classwork and assignments from Dical.

Just a few years after Zagar graduated from the academy, he worked himself up to the rank of general in the Solar Kingdom's armed forces.

Even after graduation, he kept in contact with Dical by letters. Their relationship changed from teacher and student to that of friends and equals.


In the War of the Sun and Moon...

These were peaceful times, but unfortunately they did not last. Due to a variety of circumstances, tensions began to form between their two countries, the Solar Kingdom of Folrart and the Duchy of Crest.

Before the dispute between these two countries escalated, Zagar advised Prince Verlaat against entering into conflict with the Duchy of Crest.

Records state this advice was given on purely political grounds, but many historians believe it was a request from Zagar's sworn friend, Dical.

My personal opinion is that such a thing is impossible.

Abyssal Centaur / DicalThis is because, while we know that Zagar tried to prevent disputes with the Duchy of Crest many times at court, Dical was completely divorced from politics. There is no record or indication of Dical contributing to politics anywhere in history.

Dical stated his advice simply, and only on direct military matters in times of war. He always followed his master's direction without hesitation, and did so effectively.

However, this does not mean that Dical had no feelings concerning the possibility that he would have to fight with Zagar.

Out of all the great events in history he has been involved in directly, there was only one time when he let his humanity show. This was the first time he and Zagar, now high commander of all the Solar Kingdom's forces, met each other face to face on the battlefield for the first time at "The Battle of the Borderlands."

The Battle of the Borderlands

Chaoslady / Annarose

The only bloodless battle of the War of the Sun and Moon was The Battle of the Borderlands. Prince Verlaat, escorted by Zagar, was on his way to confer with the Ruler of Crest, Eskatia. Unfortunately, due to a ploy by Annarose, Verlaat and his men were surrounded completely by the armies of Crest with no way to retreat. This trap is considered to be one of the great predicaments that stood against Verlaat during the War of the Sun and Moon.

However, Dical did not press forward with his solders, and eventually let Verlaat and the others retreat without any bloodshed.

There are so many unanswered questions and loose ends regarding this event that it's difficult to know exactly what happened. Many historians say there may have been some kind of negotiation beforehand, for example.

We do know that the Crest army had Verlaat completely surrounded. The men looked to Dical for the final order to charge, but Dical did not give any command, nor did he move the slightest muscle for two straight days.

One of Dical's aids who was keeping records during this event described the scene as follows: "At that time, Lord Dical was silent and did not say the slightest word. However, his overwhelming presence gripped everyone, and it seemed to me as if he was trying to determine something that meant the very future to him and our great Duchy."

It's still a mystery why Dical did not take any military action, but it gave Verlaat and the others the opportunity they needed to retreat.

Despite the histories and supporting documents that have survived from that day, it is still unknown why Dical didn't make a move, but one thing is certain. From this point on, Dical begins to obstruct the actions of Annarose whenever possible.

After much research, I have developed the theory that on this day Dical was considering all the events that had occurred in the war so far, and finally realized Annarose's true identity.

Fortunately, Zagar's notes and letters from this time have survived. Perhaps by studying them carefully we might find the clues we need to be sure of the reasons behind Dical's mysterious actions.

For my next essay I will address one of the youngest nations on Lavato, Mercenary Nation Heierrat, and the founder of this nation, Gun Princess Yuni.


Secretary of the Solar Kingdom, Lazard Bauses