01: The Solar Kingdom of Folrart

Despite our shining civilizations, Lavato is still a world of mysteries.

The greatest mysteries of all undeniably revolve around the matter of "Alteil." I am penning this history to give the strategists of Alteil, the Iczers, a chance to better comprehend these mysteries. In this set of Biographies, I will be discussing my home country, the Solar Kingdom of Folrart. This kingdom and most heroes connected to it fall under the influence of Refess.


The Solar Kingdom is...

Solar Kingdom flag

The Solar Kingdom was founded as the seat of the Church of the True God, the most widespread religion in Lavato. It is known as one of the youngest and most influential kingdoms in the world.

The first king, Gazaeel, began as a knight and high council member of the Great Military Nation of Zabarie. At the time, it was one of the most powerful nations on Lavato. Gazaeel is legendary for his enthusiastic support of the Church of the True God.

The founding idea of the Church of the True God is that everyone who believes in God will be saved. This may seem too general, but for the devastated people of Lavato during that age, it struck a chord in their hearts and minds.

In no time, their number of followers began increasing in leaps and bounds. Gazaeel was a strong knight, but it is said that he still possessed a kind heart. Every time they went out to war and invaded another town, his heart cried out in pain. We know that the people worshiped Gazaeel as a great hero, and he became a symbol to the masses. It is also clear that a short time later, he established his own kingdom based on this popularity. The question is, how did this come to pass? Unfortunately, at this point we have yet to find any records detailing these events.

The actual objectives of the Church of the True God did not come to light until Solar Prince Verlaat's fall from grace as the "Fallen Sun." He reinvented himself as the Emperor of the Silver Sun and began his bloody campaign for world unification.

The famous men and women of the Solar Kingdom

Now let us go into detail about some of the famous men and women of the Solar Kingdom who play a large part in Alteil.

Solar Prince / Verlaat

We'll start with Solar Prince Verlaat, Lion Baron Zagar, and Saber Saint Lapierre.

These are the three central figures who brought the War of the Sun and Moon to an end. Solar Prince Verlaat was the son of King Aldoric and his wife Emia. He also had an older brother named Alphonce. He was given the title Solar Prince because the sun did not set on the day he was born, not even during nighttime. Because of this amazing phenomenon, the Church of the True God took immediate action and Verlaat's older brother, Alphonce, was stripped of his right to the throne. From this moment on, Verlaat's fate was closely bound to his brother's. This fate returned to haunt Verlaat repeatedly throughout his life. If the records of his death are to be believed, we could say it haunted him until his dying day. The year Verlaat turned 18 years old he ascended the throne and became king. This was because Aldoric, the king universally loved by the people and Verlaat's father, had suddenly died shortly before. Around the same time, his brother Alphonce disappeared without warning. Verlaat was left all alone with his sickly mother. During this troubling time, the one who really supported him was Lion Baron Zagar. It is also known that Verlaat's sword was given the name "Solar Blade Claevolg" at the close of the War of the Sun and Moon. Before that, it was a weapon with no name. The one who gave this sword to Verlaat was the enigmatic Night Walker Riza, who evidently became his swordsmaster. Due to this, it is believed that this weapon has mystical powers.

Lion Baron / Zagar

Lion Baron Zagar was the unifying symbol of Folrart's military forces. He had been born to a prestigious family that had served the kings of the Solar Kingdom for many generations. By the time Verlaat became king, Zagar was already the general in command of all the kingdom's armies. He has left such an impact that it is likely his name will never be forgotten. His history is already taught to young scholars from all over Lavato, and he has even become the stuff of popular children's stories. During the War of the Sun and Moon, he supported Verlaat through thick and thin and played an instrumental role in bringing the fighting to an end. However, once Verlaat became known as the "Fallen Sun," Zagar realized he was a threat to future of the world. In secret, Zagar began communicating with the Verlaat Resistance Faction. It is said that Verlaat witnessed Zagar doing so, and struck him down on the spot. All that we know for sure is that at this time, Lion Baron Zagar disappeared from the pages of history. However, by the time he disappeared, he had already told the Verlaat Resistance Faction what they needed to know. As a result, this marked the beginning of a downwards spiral for Verlaat, ending in his death.

(Note: There has never been any official records or solid evidence confirming Verlaat's death.)
After this tragic series of incidents, Zagar's son, Lion Prince Forte, became the new king of the Solar Kingdom. Zagar and his elite forces were legendary for being able to stage a comeback on the battlefield. In fact, it is said that they could only fight at their full potential if there was no other way out. In short, Zagar was a heroic general whose abilities where beyond value. Not just in Folrart, but all over Lavato he is considered a famous hero.

Saber Saint / Lapierre

There was one other hero of Folrart who is known in children's stories all over the world, like Zagar. She was a beautiful priestess and an unmatched swordswoman. Her name was Lapierre, captain of the Shrine Knights, also known as Saber Saint Lapierre. She was famous for having a fiery, outgoing personality that is not typical of a priestess. She would eat, drink and laugh alongside the people, and even now it is common to tell a tomboy that she is a real "Lapierre girl." Despite her high rank in the Church of the True God and her status as a respected follower, she served the throne of the Solar Kingdom as captain of its Shrine Knights. It was said that Lapierre would sometimes ignore her duties as captain and disappear to relax among the people, leading to countless difficulties for those who worked under her. The free and uninhibited Lapierre was able to stay as captain of the Shrine Knights without getting into serious trouble because Zagar would always put his support behind her. Lapierre is the one who secured victory in the "Battle of the Holy Realm," which was the turning point in the War of the Sun and Moon. It is common wisdom that if Lapierre wasn't in command on that day, the War of the Sun and Moon would have lasted much longer. Lapierre possesses a weapon called Lantylit. It is a holy weapon granted by the highest-ranking member of the Church, and only to its most excellent warrior. It is said that this weapon's form depends on the will and the temperament of its owner. There are numerous records of events when Lapierre wielded this weapon, and it took the form of a whip. Lapierre barely made an appearance during the tragic War of the Emperor of the Silver Sun. However, she played a pivotal part that led to the end of the war. During the most violent battles, she worked behind the scenes to prevent the Shrine Knights from being dispatched. Many say this simple act changed the course of the fighting. Unfortunately, when it was time for Lapierre to step down and appoint her successor, she chose Swordswoman of the True Light, Ishtar. Ishtar became the lover of Emperor of the Silver Sun, Verlaat, and stayed by his side until the very end.

(Note: As with Verlaat, there are no actual records or evidence of her death.)

This concludes my brief overview of the Solar Kingdom of Folrart. The Solar Kingdom is centered entirely around religion. The cause of Verlaat's fall and his becoming the Emperor of the Silver Sun is directly related to the Church of the True God, and the real goals behind its existence. So next time I would like to focus on Solar Prince Verlaat and those individuals closest to him. To explain him properly, we'll have to explore many of the key figures from the Duchy of Crest, so there will be no shortage of material. Secretary of the Solar Kingdom, Lazard Bauses The next chapter of the Lavato Biographies will cover Solar Prince Verlaat and those associated with him.