CotF - The Red Mantle / DeFau
Written by CSquared   
Friday, 02 October 2009 02:20

(For the period of 10/1/09 - 10/14/09)

Here comes another fortnight challenge already, and this one is a special one. After all, just about this time last year, the very first Challenge of the Fortnight was issued. Time has really flown by in the course of this short year, and nearly a literary score were issued forth (slightly fewer than that were judged of course, a situation that shall be rectified in the near future). And so for this special anniversary Challenge of the Fortnight, we've decided to kick up the difficulty level a bit, and as the spheres roll around to Gowen, our MVP card for the next fortnight shall be the mysterious Red Mantle / DeFau.

The Red Mantle / DeFauSince this is a special anniversary edition, we've decided to loosen the rarity restriction a bit. In the past, we've stuck to one and two star rarity cards for the most part, but this will be one of the rare times that we select a three star card. While he may be a bit more difficult to get a copy of, please don't forget that only file submissions are necessary. You needn't possess the card to participate, but it does help File testing to have him!

Anyway, down to the meat and potatoes. One may think on first blush that DeFau was meant to be one of those rare types of cards that just plain didn't see much use. And one might be right about that in a way. After all, stat-wise, he's not exactly a strong contender. Most level 3 Units are usually in the 50 HP area, and DeFau has a mere 30. And while his 30 AT is decent, it isn't exactly anything to write home about for a level 3 Unit. Nosiree, where this masked man's strength lies, if any, is in his AGI and RNG scores, which are a 4 and 2 respectively. Only 4 other Units presently share that combination, and they are rare indeed. And one is sharing company with Characters like Abyss Centaur / Dical, I think that's nothing to sneeze at. And while his scores seem to relegate him into a permanent home in the second row, that seems to be where he'd be the most useful.

Of course, his Action Skill is what most Timmys would jump on right away. Cursed Treasure is a 0-SP cost Action Skill that does, and I quote, "Rival Iczer gets SP-1. You get SP+1." Cool, right? Not only do you sap away a precious SP of your opponent's, you also gain one yourself. That basically widens your advantage by 2 SP, all for the low, low cost of 0 SP. And look at the wording. It doesn't matter if your opponent has 0 SP. You'll always get 1 SP no matter the case when this skill is used. Quite a little feat there. What's the downside? He may only use that skill at nighttime. Makes sense, honestly, since it's easiest to do a little pilfering in the dark. Useful, cool, and flavorful. Who woulda thunk?

Except for the fact that he's easily killable at 30 HP. And the fact that he can only use his ability every third turn. Well, those limitations are there for a reason. He'd be too powerful if they weren't there. And there are certain File types that could make this guy be a real pain in the rear. Common sense would say to put this bad boy in an Endless Night file. A little ho-hum, but it's not a terrible idea. My initial thought would be to put him in a File where you would need that SP at night. There are other cards that depends on night after all, and they can be SP hungry. Or even if you need the SP in the morning. That could work too, since morning comes after night. In any case, the possibilities are out there. So brush the dust off of The Red Mantle's mantle and see what's what!

Everyone, please wish us a happy one-year anniversary. And since this got kicked off a little late, the submission cutoff will be more lax as well. It won't end precisely at midnight 10/14/09, but don't go submitting any entries too late, y'hear?

Send entries to fortnight at alteil dot com