CotF - Elder Druid
Written by CSquared   
Thursday, 10 September 2009 00:56
Elder Druid

I can't seem to keep up with these fortnights these days, and while there are still a few Challenges of the Fortnight to be judged, rest assured that they shall be. In fact, one or two already have been, so keep an eye out for the results posts in the coming week or so. But enough about the past. It's time to look toward to the future and move into darker territory with a Lawtia Challenge of the Fortnight. For the next fourteen days, let your partner of the night be the Elder Druid.

A blast from the past hailing all the way back to the second set, Revival of the Dragon Emperors, the Elder Druid is definitely not totally uncommon these days in the arenas. Even so, he was always a tricky kind of Unit to use, which was very much in the vein of what Lawtia usually has up its sphere's sleeve. Taking a look at this ancient skeleton of a Unit's essential stats, it's very obvious that he will be playing second fiddle in most Files. He doesn't quite match up with other Units since he is neither a support or primary Unit. After all, even as a level 2 Unit, 20 HP and 20 AT is just a tad on the low side to do fancy tricks or attack on a regular basis. His only saving grace is apparently his very respectable 3 AGI and 3 RNG combo, which less than 30 Units at present share.

But what it all comes down to is his Action Skill, Sorcery. Though it may seem a bit steep at 2 SP, his ability enables him to transform any unit he chooses to a Max HP=30, HP=30, AT=30, DF=0, AGI=2, and RNG=2 Unit. Permanently. It's actually quite versatile, and it can mean many different things to many different people. He can change high-powered Units into average-powered ones, low-powered Units in to higher-powered ones. It can be your own Unit or your opponent's. He can essentially shield break a Folrart Guardian and put it in killing distance, all without triggering its Counter Skill. Or he can turn your own Salamander into a tougher, faster Unit at the small cost of losing one range. The list goes on and on, and the combinations are nearly limitless. Oh, and he also happens to be a sorcerer, for anyone who wants to take that into consideration.

So why hasn't this card seen more use? The easy answer would be his fragility, but ultimately I believe it's hard to find a place for a hybrid card like him. But a little more experimentation by any Iczer who dares to take this challenge will likely yield more interesting results. Sure, there are alternatives that do similar things, such as Warning Knife and Girl Druid, but both those cards are generally more of a double-edged sword than Elder Druid. In fact, wholesale transformation of stats is actually pretty uncommon, especially permanently, and the Elder Druid was once only one of three cards to be able to pull it off. The other two were Black Cat / Fellana from the very first set, and it was her soul skill, and the other was Corruption, which was a set two Grimoire and incidentally cost more SP than Elder Druid's Action Skill. Similar "corruption-type" abilities, as they've come to be known as, have been few and far between in the newer sets. I challenge any enterprising Iczer to take another look at how the Elder Druid might be used in Alteil as it is now.