CotF - Boy Combat Priest
Written by CSquared   
Thursday, 20 August 2009 18:50


While he is a very solid bread-and-butter Unit, unfortunately the poor youth has not seen much use outside of his Soul Skill, even way back in the heydays of set 1. And looking at his stats, it's not very hard to see why. First, as far as his HP goes, he's actually on the low end of the spectrum. After all, higher-than-average HP is usually Refess's forte, but fully half of the current level 1 Units have 20 HP or more. As far as AT goes, he's actually at the average, quite surprising since Refess is usually 5 AT shy of it. Only six other level 1 units have more AT. Obviously, his AGI of 4 is at the high end of the status quo, while his RNG of 1 is pretty standard. In fact, his stats are quite similar to Falkow support Units such as Song Sorceress, Enchanter and Magic Musician. Why is this significant? Read on.

His Start Skill, Combat Support Lv2, is quite an oddity at his level. For one thing, every other Unit with that exact Start Skill is level 2 or higher, even going as high as level 4. The other strange thing is that it isn't Combat Support Lv1. After all, Refess only needs +5 AT to really start shining. Having an extra 5 AT on top of that doesn't really help them. Or does it? There are certain situations that could certainly use the extra AT, and I can think of two particular File types that would definitely benefit from it. On top of that, as a Start Skill, Combat Support Lv2 has the two additional advantages that all Start Skills have. That is to say that it occurs at the start of the phase, before Auto Skills, and that it allows the Unit to also act when his, her, or its turn comes up. And also, as a Start Skill, even if the BCP meets an untimely end, at least his skill's effect would have likely already gone off. Not the prettiest way of utilizing him, but definitely one that was in mind when the card was created. For these reasons, he is substantially different from the Falkow support Units that I compared him to, so keep these facts in mind.

The casual observer would probably opine that the BCP's Combat Support Lv2 probably exists for Iczers inclined to splash a little Refess. And why not have a little splash of yellow in your Files? One level in Refess will not only give you access to this fortnight's challenge card, but also seven other very useful Refess cards as well. And our favorite Refess puffballs will also ensure that your Refess investment will come to you at no cost. For that matter, there's no reason not to save the Boy Combat Priest till the very end of the game. Most Files tend to go in a natural progression of lower level Units to higher level Units. But there are advantages to going the other way.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that the Boy Combat Priest is indeed of the priest subtype. A priest of the True God Church in fact, though EX: Bardia's Open Skill that gives all True God Church Units +10 HP and +10 Max HP isn't all that useful to the extremely fragile BCP. But regarding the priest subtype, before all you Iczers out there go about creating every offshoot of a priest deck that exists, let me say that it will be very difficult to make one where the Boy Combat Priest is the star. If you decide to go that route, please don't forget to keep that particular fact in mind. Also, the Boy Combat Priest is in fact a combat priest, so a File that uses him in combat would probably make a lot of sense. Files that use him solely for his Start Skill will have to justify why he's a necessity and why some other form of AT buffing can't replace him.

Well, enough said about our intrepid combat priest. Good luck with your Filebuilding, Iczers!