The story of Cassandra continues in EX 10--

When last we left our heroes, the mysterious mercenary Francis had teamed up with one of the last survivors of Hunter village, Rosa. They combined their power to defeat the nefarious Ork King, Grebados, but then a new evil appeared.

Galdirea ambushed them, overwhelming our heroes in moments. Then the Angel Knight Silverion appeared, awakened from his ancient slumber because he detected Galdirea’s evil aura. At that moment, Rosa sacrificed her life for a final magic spell that crippled the evil fiend and sent him running.

Five years later, Silverion and Frances are traveling the world, tracking Galdirea. With them is the late Rosa’s little sister, Cassandra. They will not rest until they find the evil force responsible for destroying Hunter village and Rosa.

But then, four new characters enter our story!

Devil’s Plaything Rivarre III was created by Galdiera as in the very early stages of what would someday lead to the ultimate evil, Noze. Rivarre is a shape-changing warrior capable of taking on the form that will best defeat her opponent. Her mind falling apart, she tries to keep it together, but there is a woman’s face she sees whenever she closes her eyes… and she must find her.

Profound Clown Gardia is a trickster spirit who was created by Galdiera to sow misinformation amongst his enemies. However, he made Gardia just a little bit too chaotic… and now even the Triad of Chaos can’t be sure whose side he’s on. He plays poker with his opponent, and if you can’t tell when he’s bluffing you’ll never defeat him.

Obsessed Hunter / Felice is another survivor from Cassandra and Rosa’s village. Thanks to misinformation from Gardia, she believes that Francis is the demon responsible for destroying the village, and she is intent on rescuing Cassandra from her. Any opponent who gets a cut from her magic daggers – no matter how minor – instantly dies.

Seeing the arrival of these new challenges, Silverion realizes he is not strong enough to confront Galdiera a second time. Setting out on his own quest, Silverion unlocks his true power, and the ultimate armored hero, Angel Paladin / Granverion awakens!

What happens next? Step into the Arenas on Friday and find out!

Card 1

Angel Paladin / Granverion

EX: Fountain Knight / Elneith

Card 2
Card 1

Devil's Plaything / Rivarre III

EX: Black Dragonrider / Millia

Card 2
Card 1

Obsessed Hunter / Felice

EX: God Hand / Diosaur

Card 2
Card 1

Profound Clown / Gardia

EX: Lightning Girl / Rubia

Card 2