Before the Wizard Kingdom of Regus was founded, the Magic Library has stood. And at the center of the Magic Library is the Archive, an ancient artifact and the true king of Regus. When Durendal betrayed the Six Paladins that protect the Archive and murdered its final guardian, Paladin of Truth Inzaghi, the way was opened for the ultimate catastrophe.

Galderia appeared in the capital with his latest creation, the magic doll Noze. As Dilate and Cassandra rushed to stop him, Noze reached the Archive and absorbed it, integrating all of the magical knowledge of history into her body. Her power complete, she began raining down destruction all over the world!

Seeing this, and worried about the disappearance of Princess Emana, Vonderam transforms the Mermaids into human form. Now they can storm the land, and unleash their ancient magic on the human armies.

Meanwhile, Verlaat has been counseled by the Fallen Moon Child, Miffyre, that there is a prophecy: only when the four kings are united will Envoy of Chaos Elgandi be defeated. Legend has it the four are the Sun King, the Dragon King, the Beast King and the Undead King. She suspects that because the sun did not set on Verlaat's birth, that he is the first king of legend. Therefore, Verlaat sets out on a quest to meet with the other three kings for the sake of the future.

But Chaoslady Annarose has a plan. Her experiments have finally led to the creation of the ultimate horrors, the Augments! Lead by Last Resort Gaieshart, the unstoppable Augments are sent to intercept Verlaat's party...

  • 60 new cards, with new characters, grimoires and units from each Sphere!
  • New cards will be available for level ups, Treasure Battles, in the Card Lottery and Packs and Boxes
  • Set 8 will launch with a limited time GOLD BOX for a guaranteed 5 star and better rarity rates.
  • Support for older card types like Warrior, Beltorat Kingdom, Wyvern, Monsters, even Mage Soldier and Wild Dog.
  • Mermaids and Pixies rise up as major file types.
  • New mechanics put a different angle on the cards and how you fight with them!
  • Expanded grimoire bane, Sphere level manipulation, SP control and a focus on Open Skills give you infinite flexibility in building your Files and reacting on the fly.

Card 1

Archer Captain / Fistara

Priests of the Royal Guard

Card 2
Card 1

Six Armed Man

Triad of Chaos Meets

Card 2
Card 1

The Nullifier / Vol Angi

Heierrat Flame Magician

Card 2
Card 1

Complete Form / Noze

Mermaid Spear Fighter [Human]

Card 2