Disregard Premium Features
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 24 February 2010 01:29

This morning, after the 6 hour maintenance, there will be notices all over the site about so called 'Premium Features.'  Do not be fooled! These links will send you to the Cashier, where there will be NO Premium activation functionality (although, in a TOTALLY unrelated note, the cashier will go down around 9 AM while we add some COMPLETELY UNRELATED functionality (really))*.

And to dispel any totally BASELESS rumors, Premium Features are NOT the surprise we have planned tomorrow. We mean it!

 If you successfully disregard tomorrow morning's notices about Premium Features, there will be CAKE.

* Premium Features will be active after maintenance, however you will not actually be able to buy them until after 9 AM, when we implement the buying option in the Cashier.