Free Mercenary Girl EX Card
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 23:21

In connection with our friends at, we're having an EX: Girl Mercenary giveaway!  That's right, a FREE EX Card for everyone!  There are only a thousand keys, so make sure you get yours.

I was talking with the guys from, and they wanted to give away a free Alteil card as part of a promotion. It needed to have good art, be different from the available cards, and be playable with one copy. The answer is EX: Girl Mercenary, a mini-SP bank that's set up a bit like Folrart Flying Calvary. She might be useful in a Gowen opening that doesn't include Dryad Soldier Soul Skill, or any big file that wants units on the field to take hits, but doesn't want to spend SP or LP. And if you don't like her, look at her this way: she's free and with the EX border you get to see a little more of the Girl Merc art.


 The direct link is right here.