Falkow Core Set with Featured 3 star!
Written by Romdeau   
Saturday, 12 July 2014 01:02

Greetings Iczers,

I am pleased to announce the list of commons for our (in my opinion) trickiest sphere to master, Falkow! I would say that the majority of Falkow's files and playstyles have the steepest learning curve and can be unforgiving at times. The reason being is that Falkow's units tend to be some of the frailest in the game and often require other cards to combo with them in order to maximize their effectiveness. Most of Falkow's cards and mechanics are about manipulating the field and game tempo to your favor, and then striking at the most critical of moments. Their healing and restorative abilities are almost non-existent, instead offering mechanics like the infamous 'return'. 

The 3 star to be featured this time is "Azure Dragon - East / Vordore". He is one of the 4 infamous strategists from the Wizard Kingdom, preferring to use tact over brawn, to overtake his opponents. While offering almost no offensive abilities by himself, Vordore can easily turn a rather lackluster field of weenies into Masterful warriors. The larger vordore's field is, the stronger it becomes-his strategy is power in numbers! His auto skill also forces your opponent to make a difficult choice-either suffer a range penalty, or be forced to play in 2 rows instead of the normal 3. It can be tricky to find the right type and number of units to compliment Vordore-and how to best make use of his range denial/field manipulation. That is for you to decide! This Core pack set will be entering the shop starting tonight at 8:59PM EST and will leave next Wednesday, 7/16 at 11:59PM EST. 

Without further ado, here are the commons in the first Core set for Falkow:


Sea Hunter 87

Deep Squid 88

Cyclone 89

Owl Sage 267

Mage Knight of Regus 346

Sorcerer Monk of Regus 461

Mermaid Spear Fighter 463

Magic Greatsword Soldier 560

Bog Wyvern 561

Time Stop 562

Mermaid Transformation 637

Elite Fencer of Regus 638

Strike Wyvern 795

Lightning Wyvern 884

Mermaid Spear Fighter [Human] 886

Plundering Girl Pirate 993

The Kraken 1111 

Brood Wyvern 1656

Mage Knight Vanguard 1775

Regus Combat Sorcerer 1776

Elite Mage Soldier 1777

Sweet Dreams 1778


Eagle Soldier 90

Sorcerer Guard 91

Haste Soldier 92

Witch 94

Sylph 96

Undine 97

Flying 98

Return 99

Sea Claw 276

Invisibility Edge 277

Meaning of Failure 278

Enormous Frog 468

Mermaid Soldier 563

Mermaid Shield Soldier 641

Deep Sleep 642 

Sea Serpent 645 

Giant Manta Ray 800

Regus Patroler 801

Talisman Mystic 889

Mermaid Sorceress [Human] 890

Mermaid Soldier [Human] 891

Refugee Flying Apprenctice 996

Pirate Crewman 997

Withdrawal Strategy 1000

Storm Wizardess 1115

Mermaid Harpist 1659

Jewel of the Deep Sea 1661

Mermaid Soldier of Regus 1779

Ocean Wyvern 1780

Flying Sorcerer of Regus 1781