Gowen Core set with Featured 3 star!
Written by Romdeau   
Monday, 30 June 2014 04:19

Greetings Iczers,

I am pleased to announce our 3rd installment of unveiling the first Core set-now with the fiery punch of Gowen. This sphere is best known for it's tough, stand-alone fighters that excel in combat on the field. Gowen is also the only sphere with the 'rank up' mechanic, granting Iczers the ability to power up their units to above average power points. The name of the game for Gowen is damage, and they supply plenty of it. They do support one another, but their support is far inferior to the likes of Refess and are limited in utility. For what they lack in control, they make up for in cost effective damage and distributions of damage that is almost exclusive to Gowen. Healing and support is limited in Gowen, but certain key cards (such as Forest of Hate) do provide the crucial support needed to keep the pain train going. 

This week's featured 3 star is [b]Gun God / Ben MacLachlan[/b]. This gunslinger from the underworld is a tough nut to crack; with some support, Ben can provide a tricky opponent to overcome. His skills and stats allow him to sustain high amounts of punishment while providing enormous threat from his auto skill. While it may be tricky to trigger his counter without some help from your opponent, there are some methods to do this with Gowen cards (such as Salamander!) in order to force your opponent to engage Ben or be pummeled with bullets. We feel Ben, while having the potential for massive amounts of damage, is a fair card that engages both players when he's on the field-making him an excellent choice to include in the Core set. You can engage Ben, Debuff his AT to 0, or just even run him over with even more damage to make sure he doesn't get his turn at AGI 2! Without further ado, I would like to announce the common cards that are currently planned for the first Core installment!


Archer scout 60

Efreet 62

Earth Dragon 238

Rapid Growth 243

Amazon 332

Heierrat Army 446

Alraune 543

Volcano Wyvern 545

Heierrat Revolver Bladesman 546

Giant Gorilla 621

Forest Rhino 622

The Forest of Hate 625

Light Heierrat Fighter 781

Samurai Lady 869

Elite Beltorat Knight 870

Ork Commander 980

Beltorat Wyvern Rider 1099

Feline Kin Knight 1645

Heierrat Field Commander 1646

Song for a Hero 1647

Mercenary Fencer 1762

Three-Headed Dragon 1763


Blitz Soldier 65

Bear-Killing Axeman 66

Exploding Spores 69

Dryad 70

Salamander 71

Fire Arrow 74

Giant Ork 249

Rifleman Knight 250

Mercenary 336

Ball of Flame 340

Heierrat Mage 549

Man-Eating Tiger 626

Dual Axe Wielder 627

Heierrat Horseman 628

Archer Pixy 629

Dragon Breath 630

Heierrat Dual Gunslinger 783

Pixy Greatswordswoman 784

Beltorat Spearman 874

Smart Ork 877

Giant Dragonfly 983

Ork Bombardier 984

Fire Snake Whip 986

Beltorat Light Cavalry 1102

Beltorat Shaman 1103

Myconida 1648

Guardian of Beltorat 1649

Heierrat Sniper 1765

Explosive Wyvern 1768

Dragon Fire 1769

You'll be able to purchase all of these cards (including a fixed copy of Ben!) in a pack that includes 10 cards. This pack will be on sale until the end of this Friday, ending on 7/4 at 11:59PM EST!

Good luck in the arenas.