Never Give Up - Summer Edition
Written by malakhi   
Saturday, 20 July 2013 22:40
It's hot out there, but that's no excuse to give up! We've got a summer-themed prize for this week's edition of Never Give Up...

Fight 10 Battles in a row without Giving Up (IE, not hitting the Give Up button in battle -- win or lose) next week, and you'll get 5 Point Cards and a copy of Burning Sun.

In addition, the top guild in next week's rankings with at least one member who didn't Give Up gets 10 Point Cards for every member. The 2nd and 3rd ranked guilds (again at least one member must get Never Give Up) will receive 5 Point Cards for every member.

NOTE: There was an issue giving out point cards to the guilds last time, we'll fix that when we give out prizes for this event.