Four factions battle. Only one can win. You decide the victor.
Written by malakhi   
Friday, 05 July 2013 22:50
A four-way battle has broken out on Lavato, and we need you to pick the winner! Cast your vote on our Facebook page to determine the outcome - and battle to win free cards of the victorious faction! The bloody specifics of the battle are after the jump...

An undersea volcano has erupted in Mermaid territory. Along with the magma explosion, the volcano unleashed a legion of vicious Monsters, hungry for Mermaid blood.

The Mermaid/Monster skirmish grew and spilled into the Solar Kingdom, where a small military training exercise was underway. The Solar Kingdom was not amused, and joined the fight.

Seeing the chaos, the Magic Dolls launched an opportunistic attack to try and benefit from the carnage. It's now a full-on battle, with each faction desperate for victory!

So who will win? That's up to you! We've posted pictures of the the various factions to Facebook. "Like" a picture to score 1 point for a faction. Comment on a picture to score 5 points for the faction. Share it to score 10. Next Friday evening, 7/12, we'll tally up the points. The faction with the most points in their favor will emerge victorious!

Everyone who plays at least one battle next week will get a free 1-Star card from the winning faction. And the prizes for the following week's 5-of-7 will include two 2-Star cards from the winning faction. Vote to determine the outcome - and play to make that vote really count!