Official Announcement - Set 13: The Silver Dawn - Available June 21
Written by malakhi   
Friday, 14 June 2013 17:31

You've all had your fill of previews - now you're ready for the real thing!

On Friday, June 21 Dawn is Breaking. SET 13: THE SILVER DAWN will be here!

The War of the Sun and the Moon is over. Years have passed. Now, a new Dawn is breaking on the horizon. It is the age of the SILVER DAWN.

Emperor Verlaat, with dominion over Crest by marriage, is now known as the Silver Sun. With his military might, he gains control over much of the northern half of the Continent, including the once-feared Mercenary Nation of Heierrat. 

He demands absolute control and claims his purpose is to unite humanity under one banner to oppose the Cursed Legions -- an undead nation risen up from the great crevasse on Crest’s boarder. The Cursed Legions reveal their most powerful members, the Seven Lords, including Keeper of Filth Garyis, who drains the souls of any who catch a glimpse of her, and Arm of Derision Nephtem, who can give and take life at will.

In Heierrat, a new pair of young commanders take the field -- and the mantle of Fierte’s Shield Coat and Mizalio’s sword techniques. Not far from the Mercenary Nation, another member of the fairie heroines appears. Tierie, the Pixy of Fate, has come to choose this generation's greatest hero…

There is one kingdom Verlaat can’t control. The new Wizard Kingdom of Regus has grown in power over since the war, built around a huge school of magic and benefiting from the leadership of a new generation of Paladins and Wizards. The mysterious Steel Paladin Rijia, with a body that seems to have survived some strange magical incident, speaks little but leads his men with his unbelievable magic power.

But there is a new threat rising from the South as well. The southern part of the Continent has always be populated by countless tribes of half-human, half-beast Barbarians -- nomadic totem-worshipping hunter-gatherers with blood-lust in their souls. Now, all the Barbarian tribeshave joined together to form a colossal force, a true horde that outnumbers anything seen before on Lavato.  And they’re heading North, conquering as they go!