Two New Free Cards and a Secret Revealed Monday
Written by Logress   
Friday, 29 March 2013 04:46

I recently learned an important secret about the storyline of Alteil... but it's no fun to just tell it right away, so I should keep everyone in suspense for a time.  I guess I'll just pick a random day to reveal it.  I know, MONDAY. Why not?  After all there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SPECIAL ABOUT THIS MONDAY, right?

So I suppose you want to know what this secret is going to be all about?  To make your anticipation more specific?  Right, well remember the story of how One True God / Unknown came to be?  It was explained on the site during the Set 12 launch that "Verlaat -- wielding the ancestral sword of the Solar Kingdom, Claevolg -- fights side by side with his long lost brother Alphonce -- wielding the Black Sun Progura, an ancient weapon given to him by his mentor Nightwalker Riza."  And when the two join forces there power is so great that "it creates a plume of energy" that Unknown is born from.  Doing a little more reasearch, we can check out the flavor text on Unknown's card.  It reads "When Alphonce and Verlaat fight Elgandi, the brothers' powers combine and materialize into the advent of this being of light."

Ok, so it seems that some how Verlaat and Alphonce's powers merged to form Unknown.  But, HOW DID THEY DO IT?  What is the secret of their convergence?  What actually happened, was it on purpose, or some kind of explosion?  Did they use magic?  Or was it some kind of secret technique passed down through the Folrart Royal Family (for two thousand years?) Maybe it has something to do with the fact this battle took place right after Verlaat returned from Zugateroza's relm, aka the land of the dead.  Perhapse he learned something while he was there... HMMMM...

Tune in on Monday to learn the secret!  (and get two free all new unique cards... you know, if you're into that kind of thing.)