EX: Chromatic Forces - Multi-Sphere EX Packs
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 13 March 2013 05:27

EX: Chromatic Forces - Multi-Sphere EX Packs

It's no secret that there are some cards in the US version of Alteil that JP doesn't have (such as EX: Sunbow Archer...) and vice versa.  8 cards we skipped in our version where multi-sphere EX cards, meant to flush out the choices available for building true multi-sphere Files. Until now, they have only been available on Alteil JP.

But no more! Since several multi-sphere files are starting to emerge as a competitive in Folrart, it's time we got serious with our Multi-sphere EX!  We are going to be releasing our these cards in EX Packs starting this FRIDAY!  

Because there is NO new art (all the Japanese multi-sphere EX use re-used artwork), we will be selling these packs slightly below the usual EX Price. A first for Alteil! We are also going to be offering a Chromatic Forces EX Lotto, in case you just want to grab a few random cards for the new soul skills.

375 each EX pack, which one copy of each card on the list for that Sphere -- two EX cards and 3 commons.

4440 for a complete box -- with 3 copies of each EX card and each common

150 Gran for a lotto pull of a lotto with just the 8 new EX cards.



EX: Light Magic Archer (Part Two, the revenge!) Refess/Gowen

EX: Talisman Mystic  Refess/Falkow


Folrart Flame Swordsman

Inquisitor Acolyte


Wandering Bard


EX: Priestess of Madness Lawtia/Refess

EX: Ancient Zombie Lord Lawtia/Refess


Manipulator Priest

Inquisition Night Raider


Mediator of Sun and Moon


EX: Augmented Sorcerer Gowen/Lawtia

EX: Mage Soldier Mercenary Girl Gowen/Falkow


Pixy Aquamancer

Colossal Ork


Crest Saboteur Knight


EX: Nightmare Given Form Falkow/Lawtia

EX: Mermaid Soldier [Human] Falkow/Gowen


Exiled Military Aide

Simulacrum of Annarose


Mermaid Observer