Last Chance for Errata Packs and Girl's Lotto
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 09 March 2013 22:22

The Errata packs and boxes, and also the girl's lotto, are only up until this Sunday night.

Errata packs and boxes -  Rates are very good, pushing the recycle limit, and only include buffed cards (and Tailsman, since it got DF=0 added, and One True God / Unknown just to get an extra 5-star in there.)

 Errata Pack 300 Gran

Contains 5 cards, Guaranteed TWO 3-star card or higher card from the errata list

Errata Box 1500 Gran

Contains 30 cards, Guaranteed 5-star, 4-star, and  Five 3 stars or higher cards from the errata list

Girl's Day Lotto:

-Female cards only, about 1/3rd of the total card pool

-EX cards drop at the same rate of 3-stars (No special EX or equivelents)

-Rates boosted over normal lotto

-Same price as nomal lotto... 10 Gran!

Card List

Saber Saint / Lapierre

Rapidshot Magic Archer

Light Spearwoman

Ruler of Crest / Eskatia

Chaoslady / Annarose


Elite Crest Knight

Lycanthrope [Lilith]

Magic Doll

Girl Spectre

Bounty Hunter / Elena

Bellydancer / Kurina

Magic Sword Dual-Wielder

Archer Scout


Witch Queen / Catherina

Lightning Girl / Rubia

Black Cat / Fellana

Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere

Swan Cavalier

Sorcerer Guard

Song Sorceress





Sun and Birth / Weissvogel

Moon and Soul / Noirweiden

Fire and Gaia / Rougeerst

Sea and Wind / Bulerigid

Realm Guardian / Mayleen

Time Reader / Lavende

Fountain Knight / Elneith

Folrart Shrine Knight

Lycanthrope [Seraph]

Priestess of the Holy Weapon


Armed Citizens

Dark Emperor / Zu-jyuva

Black Dragonrider / Millia

Soul Keeper / Phimilliar

Magic Doll -Melee-

Lycanthrope [Scylla]

Magic Doll -Support-

Elder Druid


Gunner Girl / Yuni

Dryad Soldier

Lethal Archer

Rifleman Knight

Guard Leader / Renally

Swan Swordswoman / Alna

Wind Sorceress / Femiel

Sylph Sorceress

Wizard Archer of Regus

Swallow Scout


Rapidly Flying Apprentice

Holy Mother of Blood / Velvet

Virtuoso / Rutina

Magic Dancer / Chiruru

Will o' the Wisp Soldier

Folrart Guardian

Folrart Dual-Wielding Soldier

Magic Shade Soldier

Girl Druid

Novice Assassin

Shield Coat / Fierte

The Magician / Primrose


Samurai Girl

Proxy of Sea / Oseon

Evangelical Hymn / Gospel

Fire Sorceress / Addition

Spell Lancer

Magic Musician

Battle Mage of Regus

Black Valkyrie / Igina

EX: Dance Macabre / Lelein

EX: The Magician / Primrose

Flight Master / Fomuna

EX: Evangelical Hymn / Gospel

Fallen Moon Child / Miffyre

Inquisition Nun / Cynthia

2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia

Light Magic Archer

Folrart Flying Cavalry

Dance Macabre / Lelein

Lady of the Megiddo / Belfyna

Magic Doll -Fencer-

Magic Doll -Heavy Shield-

Magic Doll -Grappler-

Soulblade Swordswoman

Magic Doll -Defective-

Beast Hunter / Rivera

Fighter Pixy

Girl Mercenary

Mage Librarian / Bernet

Forest Sorceress / Anttila

Sorcerer Monk of Regus

Mermaid Aquamancer

Mermaid Spear Fighter

Sky Staff Sorceress

Mermaid Sorceress

High Inquisitor / Fortune

EX: Soul Keeper / Phimilliar

Lost Magic Doll / Esria

Mermaid Captain / Balzelda

3rd Shrine Leader / Ridrea

Servant of the Sun / Safiria

Knight of Shrine Zero

Knight of the 1st Shrine

Knight of the 2nd Shrine

Knight of the 3rd Shrine

Command Unit / Violet X2

Command Unit / Scarlet Rose

Command Unit / White Lily

Priestess of Madness

Magic Doll -Sniper-

Crest Veteran Swordswoman

Beast King / Rivera


Mage Pixy

Heierrat Mage

Feline Kin Fighter

Lady Paladin / Mirelia

Mermaid Princess / Emana

Mermaid Wizardess / Faytis

Frost Sorceress / Rasam

Ice Sorceress

Teleportation Soldier

Mermaid Soldier

Mermaid Archer

Mermaid Girl Sorceress

Frost Bow Archer

Holy Knight / Lapierre

EX: 2nd Shrine Leader / Shathia

Gun Princess / Yuni

EX: Shield Coat / Fierte

EX: Forest Sorceress / Anttila

EX: Girl Mercenary

Unknown Knight / Aano

Folrart Lady Paladin

Lycanthrope [Brahma]

Girl Combat Priest

Doll Master / Sumer

New Magic Doll / Astaforse

Night Singer / Miandela

Lycanthrope [Echidna]

Haste Assassin

Magic Doll -Healer-

Crest Spy

Last Hunter / Cassandra

Ancient Mage Pixy

Archer Pixy

Spell Analyst / Diondora

Cursed Siren / Metia

Strike Sorcerer of Regus

Elite Fencer of Regus

Mermaid Dancer

Mermaid Shield Soldier

Carrier [Singer of Friendship]

Carrier [Singer of Love]

EX: Amazon

EX: Light Magic Archer

Solar Princess / Aliria

Twin Wing Knight / Glosfiea

Battle-Worn Lady Paladin

Beneficent Priestess

Folrart Lady Monk

Guard Captain / Afeemina

Dark Evocator / Domina

Magic Doll -Cannon-

Magic Doll -Mobility-

Crest Gale Fencer

Crest Ranger

Faerie Heroine / Mitzett

Pixy Assassin

Light Heierrat Fighter

Pixy Greatswordswoman

Pixy Healer

Prototype Form / Noze

Mage Knight Lancer / Marduk

Cursed Runesword Fighter

Winged Scout

Carrier [Singer of Peace]

Salvation Saint / Pucera

Red Priestess / Colette

Black Assassin / Mulna

Observer / Lria

Magic Seal Expert / Mikasha

Demon Nun / Cosmos

Fire Pixy / Erica

Archer Captain / Fistara

Folrart Mage

Priests of the Royal Guard

Woman of Purity

Fog of Death / Seria

Magic Doll -Exorcist-

Price of Knowledge / Liz

Fairy Knight / Torte

Samurai Lady

Treasure Hunter

Pixy Dual Wielder

Complete Form / Noze

White Tiger - West / Rozari

Mermaid Spear Fighter [Human]

Talisman Mystic

Mermaid Sorceress [Human]

Mermaid Soldier [Human]

Carrier [Singer of Justice]

EX: Beneficent Priestess

Black Dragonfly / Francis

Hunter / Rosa

EX: Wizard Archer of Regus

Lion Adjunct / Ermitage

4th Shrine Leader / Elaice

Knight of the 4th Shrine

Sun Bow Archer

Unclean One / Yudit

Ultimate Analyst / Fran

Magic Doll -Covert-

Crest Lady Paladin

Magic Doll -Mini-

Haste Sorceress

Awakened Magic Doll / Esria

Shooting Star Sword / Lei Sei

Staff Master / Mureria

Dash Pixy

Mage Soldier Mercenary Girl

Princess of Regus / Bernet

Mermaid Sword Capt / Shufas

Carrier [Singer of Faith]

Plundering Girl Pirate

Mermaid Archer [Human]

Refugee Flying Apprenctice

Esria & Astaforse

Sumer & Fellana

EX: Inquisition Nun / Cynthia

EX: Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere

Cannibal Lady / Annette

Demon Path Princess / Hirume

Unknown Warrior / Justice

5th Shrine Leader / Judie

Folrart Greatsword Soldier

Folrart Griffin Knight

Command Unit / Scarlet Lily

Command Unit / Dear Cattleya

False Mother / Rasthiria

Magic Doll -Lycanthrope-

Beltorat Shaman

Heierrat Musketeer

Princess of the Key / Emana

Slave of Chaos / Shecas

Dragon Summoner / Ruuca

Silver Fencer / Ascarat

Regus Engineer

Storm Wizardess

Carrier [Lost One]

Chaos Form / Noze

Sword of the East / Toromea

Reborn Magic Doll / Astaforse

Mage Knight Officer / Torife

Pixy Aquamancer

Mediator of Sun and Moon

Crest Saboteur Knight

Mermaid Observer

Lady of Conflict / Annarose

Child of Chaos / Annarose

EX: Fountain Knight / Elneith

Devil's Plaything / Rivarre III

EX: Black Dragonrider / Millia

Obsessed Hunter / Felice

EX: Lightning Girl / Rubia

Moon Child / Miffyre

Knight of Frailty / Etoile

6th Shrine Leader / Lumira

Knight of the 5th Shrine

Knight of the 6th Shrine

Folrart Unicorn Knight

Chaos Form / Annarose

Dark Princess / Gaiessoul

Magic Doll -Augmented-

Augmented Soldier Girl

Magic Doll -Undead-

Beast Emperor / Rivera

New Hunter / Alisa

Feline Kin Kenshi / Litho

Feline Kin Knight


Pixy Messenger

Orphan of the Archive / Nereis

Slave of Chaos / Ebreenu

Pirate Princess / Purple Reia

Mermaid Harpist

Carrier [Singer of Dreams]

Keeper of Grace / Lucia

Flash Pixy / Chamail

Refugee Spear Master / Aria

Simulacrum of Annarose

Mermaid Priestess

Violet General / Amethyst Eater

EX: Lycanthrope [Brahma]

Night Assassin / Marchare

EX: Fighter Pixy

Elemental Pillar / Oeste

EX: Mermaid Soldier

Holy Commander / Lapierre

Cardinal / Messala

Folrart Psycho Soldier

High Priestess

Folrart Archer

Folrart Swordswoman

Moonlight Princess / Eskatia

War Torn Dragonrider / Millia

Death Calling

Noble Spectre

Spirit Witch

Crest Samurai

Crest Blitz Swordswoman

Mercenary Princess / Yuni

Heroic Faerie / Torte

Mercenary Fencer

Heierrat Sniper

Ronin Girl

Frontier Mage Swordswoman

Wizard Princess / Ariete

Goddess of Darkness / Noze

Paladin Captain / Mirelia

Regus Combat Sorcerer

Elite Mage Soldier

Mermaid Soldier of Regus

Flying Sorcerer of Regus

Guide of Causality / Fellana

Keeper of Causality / Sumer