Faction Pack Fridays
Written by Logress   
Saturday, 09 March 2013 06:39

It's been noted we haven't ran the first run of faction packs in a long time, mostly because the Falkow one has a lot of overlap with The Kingdom Returns Pre-built and the falkow starter.  Although I've been told that some people would LIKE a 3rd mystere, so here goes:

Here you have Big Refess (with Stardragon), Magic Dolls, Gowen Monsters, and Wizard Kingdom!  They are up in the shop NOW, and will be in the shop for one week.

For 200 Gran, you will get TEN cards, randomly chosen from the appropriate list with a guaranteed 3-star --NOT BAD.  Now, it is unlikely to be an issue, but just in case there is a ceiling of 3 of one particular card from a single pack.  You can find them in the shop under CARD PACKS


Card list:

Big Refess Faction Pack


Shadow Spirit 

Pegasus Knights 

Woman of Purity 

Holy Shield 

Folrart Mage 


Cait Sith

Veteran Folrart Paladin 

Unwanted Charity 

Star Dragon 

Holy Dragon 


Star Lord / Bastandorra 

Judgement Hammer 

Honored Spirit / Ashbars 



Magic Dolls Faction Pack


Magic Doll Healer 

Magic Doll Sniper 

Magic Doll Defective 

Wounding Sword 

Angry Mob 


Magic Doll Grappler 

Magic Doll Mobility 

Magic Doll Fencer

Magic Doll Heavy Shield 

Magic Doll Exorcist


Command Unit Violet X2 

New Magic Doll / Astaforce 

Pure Terror 

Gowen Monsters Faction Pack


Magma Golem 

Giant Forest Snake 

Vicious Raptor 

Dryad 70

Devouring Lizard 


Gaia Anaconda

Tree Giant 

Giant Gorilla 

Forest Rhino 

The Forest of Hate


Forest Chield / Athira 

Fairy Dance 

The Magician / Primrose



Falkow Regus Faction pack


Battle Mage of Regus 

Winged Scout 

Frost Bow Archer 

Wizard Soldier Apprentice 

Tailsman Mystic 


Elite Fencer of Regus 

Magic Greatsword Soldier

Spell Lancer 

Mage Knight of Regus 

Owl Sage 


Truth of Regus 


Aqua Sorcerer / Mystere