2/25/13 Errata Changes
Written by Romdeau   
Sunday, 24 February 2013 18:55

Greetings Iczers,

I have organized and briefly listed all of the changes for tomorrow's errata here.


Resource: Action skill is now 0SP

Abel: AGI 2->4. AT 25->15

Action skill 3SP -> 2SP, and changed to. All non-refess units get RNG=0 for this turn. This unit gets AGI-1

Lion Baron Zagar: Auto now heals 10hp instead of giving 10DF for the turn

EX: Lion Baron Zagar: Added Trait: when this unit hits a unit of level 6 or higher with an attack action or action skill, do double damage.

Bardia: Auto skill 3SP -> 2SP

Lavende: Shackles of time 1SP -> 0SP

EX Cudgel: Action skill from lvl 7+ units -> lvl 6+ units

EX Garfath: ADDED action skill 1SP-> Do damage 40 to one random enemy unit.

Orthos: Start Changed to -> [Conditional use / rival iczer has 0 cards in cemetery] All enemy units get AT values returned to base value. Engage one random enemy unit of AGI 4 or higher.

Folrart Shield Knight: Trait: Heals 33% HP on standby.

Rapidshot: HP 20->25

Light Spearwoman: Action Now only hits enemy units of HP 30 or higher.

Ancient Spear Knight: ADDED auto skill: [Conditional use / this unit is in area [1,2,3]] This unit gets AT+15 for this turn

Spike Shield Knight: Action 1SP -> 0SP

Armed Citizens: Added to open skill, If AT is 30 or lower it gets AT= current AT.

Hammer Soldier: AT 10 -> 20

Folrart Flying Cavalry: ADDED open skill: You get SP+1.

Blessing: "now grants cemetery immunity to the unit selected until end of next turn and refunds the SP cost if it is subtype Dragonrider"

Folrart lady monk: AT 30


Proposition: ADDED auto skill: Target unit cannot be targeted, affected or randomly selected by other cards' send to the cemetery effects until the end of next turn. 

Noirweiden: HP 20 -> 30

Auto Skill change to -> [Conditional use / battletime night] This unit cannot be affected or selected by effects that include MAX HP change until the end of next turn

ADDED Action Skill: 1SP. This unit gets AT+10. Do damage 50% AT to a random column of enemy units in range.

EX: Lelein: OPEN ADDED. Select one friendly subtype: assassin. Switch the current HP of that unit with target enemy unit in range. 

Elite Crest Knight: AT 30-> 40

Moonlight Warrior: ADDED Combat Support LVL 1

Magic Doll (vanilla): ADDED close Skill: [Conditional use / battletime night] Rival iczer gets SP-1

Folfenac: ADDED open skill -> One unit is marked.

REMOVED black tears (I think it's called) action. ADDED Close skill -> One random marked unit gets HP=0. And then, you get lawtia -2.

Elder Druid: Action skill 2SP -> 1SP

Dalos: AT 10->20

Death Dragonknight / Langbart: AT 30->40

Lycan Leonardo: auto change to -> +60 AT instead of +50 AT

Velvet: ADDED action skill 0SP -> Do damage AT to one enemy unit in range for each Closed friendly unit on the field.

Castle Wight: ADDED action skill 1SP -> Do damage AT to one random enemy unit in range. This unit gets MAX HP+10 and HP+20


Crusher: auto skill now deals AT+10 and PIERCES

Defau: Action -> Auto. 

Price of Knowledge / Liz Close skill heal increased from 10->20HP

Estoma: AT 40-> 30, Action now targets

Bazgar: Action now pierces

Cassandra: ADDED Rankup Gowen 6. AGI+1

Delrare: AGI 1->2

Rasfel: ADDED Rankup Gowen 5. HP+10

Magic Sword Dual Wielder: Rankup change from AT+10 -> AT+20

Lightning Archer: Rankup change from AT+10 -> AT+10, AGI +1

Berserker: Action now target

Fire Dragon: AGI 1->2 auto skill damage increased 40->50

Earth Dragon: AT 30-> 40 Auto now PIERCES

Dryad Soldier: Auto -> Start

Devouring Lizard: Action now 0SP

Heierrat Broadsword: ADDED Slash

Heierrat Spy: ADDED action skill 1SP: Do damage AT to one random level 5 or higher unit in range. Then, that unit gets AT-10, DF=0 and AGI-2.

Light Heierrat Fighter: ADDED rankup gowen 6 -> AT+10

Anti-Magic Swordsman: ADDED Grimoire Bane

Salamander Soldier: ADDED rankup gowen 5 -> AT+10

Heierrat Mage: Action change to -> Do damage: 20 to random number of enemy units equal to this units range. All units hit begin burning.

Auto change to -> This unit gets RNG + Number of friendly Merc Nation for this turn. Do damage AT to one random burning unit.

Treasure Hunter: HP 20 -> 30 


Legrye: Open skill now does not hit level 1 units.

Distrier: Now deals AT to random enemy unit in range when using action skill.

Balzelda: Action now does Target enemy unit gets Lv+1, AT+20, DF=0 and AGI-2.

Mermaid Spear: Changed Start to -> Target enemy unit gets LV+1

Added Trait: When this unit executes an attack action and hits an enemy unit of lvl 4 or higher, deal 20 more damage.

Carrier of Justice soul skill reworked to: Send two random [subtype: mermaid] cards from your File to your Cemetery. All friendly [subtype: deep ones] units get MAX HP+10, HP+10 and AT+20.

Mermaid Dancer: ADDED open skill -> Target friendly mermaid gets RNG+2. (note, we should change the name of this skill.)

Singer of Friendship: Removed Auto, ADDED close -> send one friendly subtype mermaid from the cemetery out of the game. then, two random enemy units in range get hp-20 and agi-2.

Singer of Peace: removed auto, ADDED action -> send one friendly subtype mermaid from the cemetery out of the game. then, Do damage AT to two target enemy units within range. this unit gets AT+10

Merm Harpist: Open changed to -> Conditional use Ref 0. Return one closed friendly unit.

ADDED open -> Revive one closed subtype: mermaid. And then, you get refess -1

Mermaid Soldier [Human]: Numbing Slash 1SP -> 0SP and changed to: Engage friendly disengaged subtype mermaid. then, do damage AT to a random row of enemy units in range, all units hit of agi 0 or lower get DF=0.

Singer of Faith: added to auto -> [Conditional use / AT 30 or lower] and now perm

Mermaid Archer [Human]: Magic bow of the waves changed to -> This unit gets RNG-1. Do damage AT to target enemy unit. Repeat this skill for each point of RNG, max 3.

Tempest: Lv5 -> 4

Princess Emana: ADDED start skill 0SP -> [Conditional use / AGI 0 or lower] Two target enemy units within range get AGI=0 for this turn. This unit gets AGI=1

ADDED action skill 0SP -> All units Lv3 and lower cannot be affected or selected by other cards effects that include engaging until the end of next turn.

Swallow Scout: ADDED auto -> [Conditional use / agi 6 or higher] This unit gets AT+10 and RNG+1 for this turn

Spell Lancer: ADDED action skill 0SP -> [Conditional use / agi 4 or higher] Send one grimoire from the card file to the cemetery. Then, do damage AT to two random enemy units in range. This skill counts as a grimoire activation.

Eagle Soldier: ADDED Auto skill -> One friendly Subtype: Wizard Kingdom gets AGI+1

Magic Scythe Soldier: ADDED action skill 2SP -> [Conditional use / agi 5 or higher] Subtract AT directly from the HP of a target row of enemy units in range.

Mermaid Archer: Deadly shot change to 1sp -> do damage ATx2 to two random enemy units of AGI 0 or lower in range.

Azure beastmaster: Action SP 0 -> Do [damage: target friendly monster's AGI X10] to one random engaged enemy unit in range.


Overdose now lowers the users lawtia level by 1

Princess of the Key / Emana: Start skill only affects units of AGI 2 or higher

Sungod: Soulskill now always drains -2SP the following turn

Talisman of Disruption: Open changed to -> -40MAX HP instead of 0MAX HP

Gaiessoul: ADDED "Reduce all your other spheres by 1" clause to open skill.

Diamond Buncle: Auto Skill change to -> Enemy units of AT 40 or higher get AT-10 for this turn.

Jade Buncle: Start changed to -> [Conditional use / DF 10 or higher] Target enemy unit in range gets AT-10 for this turn.

Exploder Wizard SS now deals 10-40 damage per hit from 20-40

New Magic Doll / Astaforse and Night Singer / Miandela soul skills now have a -SP at the beginning of next turn attached to their effects.

EX mermaid soldier: Dive to safety SP 0 -> 1

Reckless Strike SP 1 -> 0