Evolution of Valentine's 5 of 7 Plus
Written by Logress   
Monday, 11 February 2013 02:53

I guess everyone was wondering if there was going to be a 5 of 7 event for next week, because everyone has been waiting for...

Darwin's Birthday!

And as we do every year on Darwin's Birthday, we'll be celebrating by giving away Valentine's cards (I have NO idea where that tradition started. I guess Darwin was known for being a romantic?). Therefore, it's high time for a 5 of 7+ (pronounced 5 of 7 Plus) where we have a five of seven event, but you can get MORE prizes by going farther!

Participation prize - One copy of Valentine's Seasonal Sky Staff Sorceress and 5 Point Cards

Duel 10 total times for an extra prize - One copy of Valentine's Seasonal Pixy Dual Wielder

To be a partcipant, just duel on 5 of the 7 days in a week (that's once per day on 5 days), starting Monday the 11th through the following Sunday.  Make sure your duel goes over 10 turns. Do that, and you get POINT CARDS and a fixed prize. Complete 10 or more duels, and you get the extra prize.

Now, let's look at that art: