Logress' Choice Special EX half-boxes are up
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 31 January 2013 03:31

The new half-boxes starring Holy Chain Soldier Aisha and Rusted Colossus are up in the shop, and the Card List.  They will be up for TWO WEEKS (cue Arnold from Total Recall).

 Each of these will be 1000 gran and will contain one copy of either ‘Holy Chain Soldier / Aisha’ or ‘Rusted Colossus’ (your choice), one guaranteed 4-star, 2 guaranteed 3 stars, and 27 additional cards between 1 and 5 stars -- for 31 total cards.  Although three copies of the new cards are not necessary to make them playable, especially Colossus. 

Here is the rundown 


 Holy Chain Soldier Aisha

LV 4 HP 60 AT 0 DF 0 AGI 3 RNG 2 LP 2

True God Church / Warrior 


 Bound in Holy Chain

 Two random enemy units get MAX HP-30.


 Ready to Throw

 [conditional use/this unit is in [area:5] This unit gets AT+40 for this turn.


 Holy Chain Sword

 Do HP-10 to the friendly unit in [area: 3], then do [damage: AT] to enemies in [area: 1-5-3]. Do HP-10 to the friendly unit in [area: 1]. This unit gets AT=0.


  Holy Thrust

 Subtract 30 directly from the MAX HP of target enemy column in range. This unit is healed HP+20.


Rusted Colossus

LV 2 HP 60 AT 0 DF 0 AGI 1 RNG 1 LP 1 

None / Mech Soldier 


 Encased in Stone

 Do [damage: 40] to two random disengaged enemy units. And then, one friendly unit gets LV+2 and DF+5.

 Rusted Solid

 This unit cannot use Standby or Iczer Attack. This unit can do nothing but Stand Steadfast until it Breaks Free.


 Break Free

 [conditional use/0 copies of this unit in the File/unit has not Broken Free] This unit gets HP=30, AT=LV X10, AGI=3 and Breaks Free.


Stand Steadfast

 This unit gets LV+1.

 Full Charge

 [conditional use/LV 6 or higher] Do [damage: 50%AT] to two random enemy units in range.