New Special EX Half-Boxes
Written by Logress   
Monday, 28 January 2013 05:59


In all the craziness last year, with the Special EX cards, and the Annarose cards, and bonus cards for Completing a set... there were two cards that slipped through the cracks. Which is too bad, because they are both cards I like a lot, both for art and for concept.  SO, this looks like a good opportunity to do two new Special EX half-boxes.

The new Logress' Choice EX half-boxes will be going up in the Shop Wednesday, and they'll be up for two weeks.  Each of these will be 1000 gran and will contain one copy of either ‘Holy Chain Soldier / Aisha’ or ‘Rusted Colossus’ (your choice), one guaranteed 4-star, 2 guaranteed 3 stars, and 27 additional cards between 1 and 5 stars -- for 31 total cards.

Now, let's take a look at that art: