Oeste's New Clothes Actually Happened
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 03:57

So I know I probably should have been doing this every few weeks, but I finally gave out Oeste's new Clothes avatar to everyone who bought a complete EX 11 Box!  I'll do it again in two weeks when the EX 11 sale ends (btw, only two weeks left for EX 11!). More importantly, I now have a brand spanking new admin tool that lets me give out whatever I want, avatars, cards, point cards, to anyone who buys whatever during whenever period in a few clicks.  Look, I just gave a HAM accessory to everyone who bought a Set 3 box from 11:15  in the morning till 5 after noon on October 4th, 2010!  ...and no one could stop me!

To prove it, I'm going to give out an avatar to everyone who buys a Seasonal pack this weekend. Hah, take that!