Codified Community Tournaments Coming
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 09 January 2013 03:57

'Codified Community Tournaments'... boy, that's a mouthful.  But, a MEANINGFUL mouthful.

We've had a number of community tournaments in the past, generally run in the Training Arena, the involve a host organizing the tournament (generally in a bracket style), with various extra rules, banned cards, that kind of thing, and the discretion of the host. However, there was always confusion about what prizes could be given out, why they were so low, and rules often became too complicated, and there was too much planning involved to invite repeat hosting. Because the prizes were generally low, users often dropped out without warning, making game day difficult.

To solve all this... well, that's where the 'codified' part comes in.  We will introduce a framework for a community tournament and a series of rules for hosting and participating in them.  Hosts will be given a rating based on the number of tournaments they run, and the number of good reviews they get from the community.  As their ratings increase, so will the prizes they will be able to give out, and so will the rewards they get for hosting.  Hosts will be thus rewarded for their work, and be motivated to continue hosting and to garner positive reviews from their players. The more they host, the better for them, so the more experienced hosts will run more tournaments, which will be good for the community. To keep the work manageable, hosts will also get bonus points for helping out another host, so if a host wants some others around to check for cheaters or answer questions, that will be possible.

For now, this effort will be on establishing a codified set of rules that make sense, are fair, and limit the amount of stuff the host needs to think up on his or her own.  We will use existing tools to manage it and collect host reviews.  If it takes off and becomes very popular, maybe we'll have MysteryMan and his team build something for it.