Ultimate Game Card and More..MUCH MORE
Written by Logress   
Sunday, 06 January 2013 05:29

We finally seem to have the bugs worked out of our new Cashier system, supplied by Playspan (needed to work with them on it, and not a whole lot of them around during the holidays).  For those of you who may not realize, Playspan bought paybycash and Ultimate Game Card (and are themselves now part of Visa).

So, Ultimate Game Card (and direct credit card, including Discover) is a given, but they also handle a lot of stuff, like paying by checks and SMS and all that stuff. Exactly what you get to choose from depends on where you are located.  I believe they also have their own currency and if you want to go through that you can get some free stuff.

Here's the plan, Mysteryman is going to clear his schedule for Thursday and basically just sit and wait for anything to go wrong.  He'll turn it on Thursday morning, and watch it and answer support questions throughout the day.  If everything is cool, then FRIDAY I'm going to put the Black Friday EX sale back up.  If you remember, this sale included the EX card-pack and significantly reduced cost as compared to the lotto, AND Rarity up Lotto, and Sphere Lotto.  I know the part that sounds most smexxy is the EX cards, but really those Rarity Up Lottos were the rock stars last time. They include a chance to get "You Get Set" cards, each which give you one copy of every card in a set.  We ended up giving away about TWENTY sixty card sets during the Black Friday Sale.  (And considering the number of spenders we have... um, that's pretty crazy.)