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Saturday, 15 December 2012 12:05



All things reach their end, including the greatest of wars…


It is the final act of the War of the Sun and Moon, and the new god of evil, Elgandi, is unleashing his full power.  Verlaat -- wielding the ancestral sword of the Solar Kingdom, Claevolg -- fights side by side with his long lost brother Alphonce -- wielding the Black Sun Progura, an ancient weapon given to him by his mentor Nightwalker Riza. When these three meet in battle, the magical backlash is so great, it creates a plume of energy. But this is no surprise to the man behind the True God Church, Gilensia, who planned all of this as part of his Living God Project.  Harnessing the immense power, the church calls down a being of pure light, a magical entity they call their ‘True God.”  Not even Elgandi can withstand its dimension-breaking powers, but is this the hour of triumph for the forces of good? Or the beginning of a new era of domination by the True God Church?


In all things, it is the heroes that make the true good in the world, and at the end of the war, there is no shortage of heroes!  Holy Commander Lapierre, Solar General Zagar, Moonlight Princess Eskatia, Lunar General Dical, War Torn Dragonrider Millia, Mercenary Princess Yuni, Crimson Hero Dilate, Heroic Faerie Torte, Goddess of Darkness Noze, Regus Paladin Ibert, Paladin Captain Mirelia, New God of Evil Elgandi, Guide of Causality Fellana, Keeper of Causality Sumer and even the legendary Gun God Ben MacLachlan! There will also be special appearances by Bernet, Vol Agni, Iginia and a few other old favorites!



SET 12 is a full, all-new 60 Card Set for release next week, in time for Christmas!  In addition to all four spheres, there will be new multicolor as well!  To commemorate the end of the war, the cards will focus on the Solar Kingdom, Duchy of Crest, Mercenary Nation and Wizard Kingdom. However, there will be a number of additional key cards, including mage soldiers, knights, wyverns, and the long-awaited addition of another level 7 Dragon!


Set 12 will be launching with a Gold Pack and Gold Box, as well as being added to the lotto, treasure battles and level ups!