EX: 11 Lost Guardians
Written by Logress   
Thursday, 29 November 2012 04:58

Coming Friday, November 30th!  EX: 11 LOST GUARDIANS

8 all new EX cards available in packs and a complete box!

From the far reaches of Lavato come four legendary figures. Generals and other major figures from the great kingdoms consider them lost souls... some of them, would even be considered myths. But they are very real, and they have the power to shake the world!

But who are these guardians on the edge of the war?




As a guardian of the One True Gem, she was given the power of reincarnation. Despite her non-human nature, she was able to reincarnate as a human. She finds her form very useful as she can infiltrate human society and manipulate events to benefit her own kind.  

She is the Carbuncle General, Amethyst Eater!

A domestic servant loved the family who owned her, especially the young master.  When they were all assassinated, she became an assassin herself, earning the money she needed to modify her body and become the ultimate killing machine. But her one true target, the one who killed her family, will be forever out of reach.

The Magic Doll Assassin, Marchare!

A strategist in exile, he became a mercenary and perfected the art of combat with his gigantic sword.  His special technique creates a vacuum behind his blade that tears everything apart in a single swing, from solid stone to the thickest armor. Nothing has taken his full-strength attack and survived!

The Mercenary Warrior, Gregory!

There are certain elemental forces that make up the world -- light, darkness, wind, water, fire and earth. But there is one elemental creature forever beyond the control of summoners, one who can absorb the  powers of the spirits and use it to obliterate her enemies!

The Great Spirit princess, Oeste!


Along with EX: Lycanthrope [Brahma], EX: Lycanthrope [Fenrir], EX: Fighter Pixie and EX: Mermaid Soldier, join us to welcome the first all-new cards available since the Alteil Apocoplay relaunch!

NOW, let's see some artwork!