New Starters and Small Errata Tomorrow
Written by Logress   
Friday, 23 November 2012 06:38

As I mentioned, tomorrow is new starter day.  So we all can be in front of a computer at the same time, despite being spread out at various family homes, the Apocoplay team will be putting up the new starters in the afternoon.  We may do a short 20-30 minute maintenance to complete it.

Also, there will be two small erratas.  The first involves some old 1 and 2 star cards that we buffed or added soul skills to (meaning they had no soul skills before) in order to make our vision of the new starters work smoothly.  Also, due to feedback from new players (and randomly chosen TCG gamers who we felt would like the game), we wanted to add a little more art into the Gowen starter that would appeal to more general US gamers (meaning more monsters, generally).  Nothing serious in the unit department (other than buffing the afformentioned 1 and 2 star cards), but we did take two cards with great art (Volcano Wyvern and Gaia anaconda specifically) but extremely low use soul skills and gave them better soul skills so we could include them without weakening the soul skill linup.  The original Gaia Anaconda soul skill was part of a cycle, so we didn't want to eleiminate it. It was moved to Amazon (same set, same rarity), and amazon's will be moved to Highland Born Hunter (who had no soul skill). The original Volcano Wyvern soul skill was unique, but near-zero use. We might toss it onto a 1-star in Set 12 or something.  NOTE: we only made changes to make the starters to work the way we wanted with the rarities we wanted. (We also wanted alternate versions for units and souls we liked, but felt were a little too complicated for new users.)  We did not have any higher aims than that. So, for example, we added souls and buffed some cards in some colors, without buffing similarly needy others in other colors, since we didn't have use them for the starters.  We will 'catch up' those other unbuffed commons the next time we do a 'full' errata.

The second errata will be a 'spike' hunting errata.  No, I don't mean agressive players, I mean 'spikes' in our card usage data.  A lot of times, when running card usage, there are ups and downs in the graph, but a handful of cards will skyrocket above all the others, and only get worse over time.  We want to 'clip' these spikes in the graph so they don't disrupt the game. These are for general game health, and are not intended to be a widespread balance change.  I did one of these types erratas before, on Apoco-launch (I think it was Emana, harpest and Chaos anna).  This time, our lucky winners are Super Verlaat, Super Miffyre, Phoenix Chick, Magic Doll Augmented, and Jewel of the Deep Sea.  

In any case, tune in tomorrow for some excitement!