EX: Black Friday
Written by Logress   
Wednesday, 21 November 2012 04:59

That's right, this year's Black Friday sale is so special, it's EX: BLACK FRIDAY!

EX Cards will be on sale!  As in cheaper!  For ONE DAY only!

Not only that, but we've got options...

EX: Black Friday Pack

300 Gran for 5 random EX Cards - That's 60% of the cost of the EX: Lotto!!!

500 Gran for 5 Refess EX Cards - That's 83% of last year's special Sphere EX Lotto!

500 Gran for 5 Lawtia EX Cards

500 Gran for 5 Gowen EX Cards

500 Gran for 5 Falkow EX Cards


We are also haveing a Hyper Rarity up Lotto, with the "you get Set X" cards all weekend!

That means chances of getting rare cards in the Lotto is up, AND if you get one of the special present cards, you get AN ENTIRE CARD SET (60 cards)!

As always, sales made for any Gran purchase will be treated as a donation. We will be reporting our monthly finances, and spending as much as possible of any income on new development. That means spending on sales events like this one translate into a better Alteil for everyone!