Written by Logress   
Saturday, 20 October 2012 01:35

SET 11 RETURNS FOR FREE – It’s one more chance to try Set 11 for free! How often do you get a whole Set for free? It will be in the shop for two weeks. If you’ve got some friends you’ve wanted to get into Alteil, what better time then now, when they’ll have the opportunity to have so many free cards – like King of Mankind Verlaat and Chaos Form Annarose -- to get them started?


Also, I’m sure you’re wondering what is going to happen with Set 11?  Will you keep it forever?  Will it ever get a Recycle value?  Well, after the two weeks are up, we’re going to have a 5 of 7 style event, where every participant can get up to 3 copies of Set 11 as permanent cards, with Recycle value and everything.  Why make you fight for it?  Well, um, that’s kind of what we do… AND, having a Recycle value on those cards will be very, very worth it to most Iczers, who will have the option of cashing in cards they don’t use for cold, hard Gran.


BUT, before you can uprgrade your Set 11 cards to Recycle value versions, you need to get them.  If you haven’t already, now is the time!