Tournament Memorial day weekend 2012
Written by Logress   
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 17:28

It’s a good old weekend of beat downs!  We're mixing it up with battle one of the world championship and the Memorial Day weekend tournament.  For the theme of Memorial Day we will have no character cards since solders of war work as a unit not on thier own. Your reward will come in a form of Summer seasonal Sumar and Feliana. This card is special kids!


Sunday, May 27th from 9 PM to Midnight EST

Monday, May 28th from Noon to 3 PM EST


Entery fee: 10 GRAN

Everyone starts with 10 Stars, and you MUST complete THREE battles to qualify for any prizes at all.

If you end up with 10+ Stars, you will get a copy of Summer Sumar and Feliana (and the 5 Point Cards)

If you end up with 9-5 Stars, you will get 5 Point Cards

If you end up with 1-4 Stars, you will get 3 Point Cards

Top three Iczers will get an additional 20 Point Cards
Sealed deck tournaments use cards generated by our Tournament arena, so you don't need any special cards of your own to participate. This is where you can really show your skills on the field of battle!

For those of you who have never been in the Tournament Arena before, it works pretty much like Folrart.  This is what we call a “Star Battle” Tournament. Everyone starts with 10 Stars and gains one if they win, and loses one if they lose. If you lose them all you’re out. You must play THREE battles to qualify for any prize.

When you sign up, it will ask you to choose a “Sealed Card File.”
The “Edit your Card File” button will only work once you’ve entered the Tournament and chosen “Go to Tournament Lobby.” After that, It’ll let you edit your Tournament only Card File.

It's only THREE battles needed to earn prizes and two tournament arena open times, so anyone can make time!  Don't miss this chance to earn copy of this super looking card!