Game Upgrade: Free Daily Lotto!
Written by satonoko   
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 08:04

We are going to add NEW system in the game and having an extra-long maintenance on the 9th from 3am to 5am EST(Server time) 

There will be FREE DAILY LOTTO in the shop, and you will be able to get ONE card from this lotto ONCE per day for FREE!


FREE Daily Lotto contains the cards from all sets same as normal 10gran lotto, and you can get a card once per day after you played one battle in ANY Arena.


You can pull this Free Daily Lotto after you play ONE battle in any Arena, Folrart Arena, Crest Arena, Training Arena or Single Player Arena.

Even your battle result is lost or draw, You can still get your Free Lotto pull.

After your battle is over, there will be the icon in the game result page.

Click Free Daily Lotto icon to go to shop page.


Please Note that

You only can get ONE card PER DAY!

You can't use this Lotto after you earned Mirage Master Gran.

You can't earn Mirage Master Gran after you had your Free Lotto pull.

You must play MORE THAN 6 TURNS to get this lotto.
*if your battle is finished within 5 turns, you won't get the lotto. If you are in turn 6, you can get your Free lotto pull.

This Free Lotto is reset at 6:00AM Every morning.