Tales of Lavato Tourney

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Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby Aoi » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:13 pm

So I came up with this Idea yesterday when I was talking about character conversations. It started with the thought that more character's should have conversations with each other, or have support conversations with friendly units.

Basically this tourney is a face off of the various Heroes and Villains Alteil has to offer. The general idea is that your supposed to make a file based a specific character's story.

Currently there is no set date for this Tourney as, I still have to learn more about the lore to be able to correctly judge if the file passes through, and to find a way to balance out the choices. Also the longer this Idea is here the more time will pass for people to collect the cards needed to join since characters are basically all 3* to 5*. If I forget about this idea, somebody else should pick it up and host it.

I will be adding a list of Characters and cards around their lore as I go.

Solar Kingdom:
Verlaat: Solar Prince/Verlaat, Verlaat & Eskatia, King of Mankind/Verlaat, Fountain Knight/Elenith, Solar Princess/Aliria, The Solar Eclipse/Alphonce, Pretender of the Sun/Alphonce, NIghtwalker/Riza, Servant of the Sun/Safiria, Archer Captain/Fistara, One True God/Unknown, Meeting of Kings, Prayer of Safety, Bitter Destiny, Brothers in Arms

Zagar: Lion Baron/Zagar, Lion General/Zagar, Honor of Lion/Zagar, Solar General/Zagar, Knight of Luminescence/Ernst, Archer Captain/Fistara, Lion Adjunct/Ermitage, Abyss Centaur/Dical, The General's Orders, Miraculous Victory

Lappiere: Saber Saint/Lappiere, Holy Knight/Lappiere, Holy Commander/Lappiere, Realm Guardian/Mayleen, Inquisitor Nun/Cynthia, Demon Nun/Cosmos, 2nd Shrine Leader/Shantia, 3rd Shrine Leader/Ridrea, 4th Shrine Leader/Elaice, The Impregnable/Rubens, Holy Realm Knight/Sergis, Key to the Holy Realm, Hero's Strike

Dutchy of Crest:
Eskatia: Ruler of Crest/Eskatia, Verlaat & Eskatia, Moonlight Princess/Eskatia, Abyss Centaur/Dical, Chaoslady/Annarose, Black Valkyrie/Igina, Grey Wolf/Metis, Matchless Combatant/Yug, Guard Captain/Afeemina, Retired Loyalist/Graymas, Command Unit/Dear Cattelya, Lunar General Dical, Order to Sortie, Crest War Conference

Mercenary Nation:
Yuni: Gunner Girl/Yuni, Gun Princess/Yuni, Mercenary Princess/Yuni, Shield Coat/Fierte, Gun Princess's Sword/Mizalio, Revolver King/Shelby, Gun God/Ben MacLachlan

Wizard Kingdom:
Bernet: Magical Librarian/Bernet, Princess of Regus/Bernet, Wizard Princess/Ariete, Paladin Captain/Mirelia, Orphan of the Archive/Nereis, Magic Seal Expert/Mikasha, Truth of Regus

Ibert: Flash Paladin/Ibert, Dilate & Ibert, Regus Paladin/Ibert, Magic Dancer/Chiruru, Spell Analyst/Diondora, Bonds of Friendship

Durendal: Paladin of Sin/Durendal, Peregrine Paladin/Larut, Mage Paladin/Distier, Flash Paladin/Ibert, Lady Paladin/Mirelia, Paladin of Truth/Inzaghi, Mage Knight Lancer/Marduk, Mage Knight Fencer/Urgrant, Mage Knight Fighter/Ryu

Abyssal Forces:
Annarose: Chaoslady/Annarose, Lady of Conflict/Annarose, Child of Conflict/Annarose, Simulcrum of Annarose, Chaos Form/Annarose, Killing Machine/Lebeau, Virtuoso/Rutina, Chaos Ogre/Dalos, Darkness Mirror/Aegis, Dance Macabre/Lelein, Vile Swordsman/Afel, Dark Evocator/Domina, Servant of Chaos/Gangadore, Deathmaker, Triad of Chaos Meet, Deadly Scheme

Gaieshart: Last Resort/Gaieshart, Six Armed Man/Alvein, Fog of Death/Seria, Ultimate Analyst/Fran, Dark Princess Gaiessoul, False Hero/Mordmarc, Perfect Augment/Narevez, Frenzy

Noze: Prototype Form/Noze, Complete Form/Noze, Chaos Form/Noze, Goddess of Darkness/Noze, Abyssal Strategist/Galdirea, Chaos Form/Galdirea, Slave of Chaos/Shecas, Slave of Chaos/Ebreenu, Chaos Absorption, Black Storm, Tears of Blood

Elgandi: Envoy of Chaos/Elgandi, New God of Evil/Elgandi, Chaoslady/Annarose, Chaos Form/Annarose, Hellspawn/Zalzagul, Chaos Form/Zalzagul, Abyssal Strategist/Galdirea, Chaos Form/Galdirea, Chaos Form/Noze, Goddess of Darkness/Noze, Curse of the World, Stronghold of Chaos, Triad of Chaos Meet, Game Over

Emana: Mermaid Princess/Emana, Princess of the Key/Emana, Sea Lord/Vonderam, Ocean King/Vondora, Mermaid Captain/Balzelda, Mermaid Sword Capt/Shufas, Silver Fencer/Ascarat, Fairy Knight/Torte, Heroic Faerie/Torte, Mermaid Transformation

Belt Kingdom:
Ainhazzard: Dragoneye/Ainhazzard, Red Priestess/Colette, Black Assassin/Mulna, Silver Swordartist/Dyson, Blue Dragon Mage/Mildoreo, King's Right Hand/Baldern

Other Factions:
Dilate: Brave Soldier, Brave Mercenary/Dilate, Dilate & Ibert, Brave Hero/Dilate, Crimson Hero/Dilate, Night Singer/Miandela, Brave Strike, Bonds of Friendship, Song of the Night Singer, Song for a Hero

Esria: Lost Magic Doll Esria, Awakened Magic Doll Esria, Esria & Astaforte, New Magic Doll/Astaforte, Reborn Magic Doll/Astaforte, Fate of Esria

Cassandra: Last Hunter/Cassandra, Hunter/Rosa, Obsessed Hunter/Felice, New Hunter/Alisa, Black Dragonfly/Francis, DIre Straits, Tears of Blood

Rivera: Beast Hunter/Rivera, Beast King/Rivera, Beast Emperor/Rivera, Fallen Moon Child/Miffyre, Moon Child/Miffyre, Forest Hero/Athira Shin, Chase Wing/Volfied, Dead Wing/Volfied, Beast Soldier/Orthos, Beast Soldier/Belus, Beast King/Scarrion, Beast Soldier/Rasfel

Sumer: Doll Master/Sumer, Sumer & Fellana, Keeper of Causality/Sumer, Black Cat/Fellana, Guide of Causality/Fellana, Price of Knowledge/Liz
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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby Icyman2 » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:37 pm

looks like a great idea
except i have 20% of those cards
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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby Khiruki » Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:19 pm

Did you look at Zakies' story tree thing?

Not 100% complete, but I do believe it shows the main story lines up to now at least.

The idea could use a little polish, but it'd probably work better if you went for a character and built a file around that character's story. Solar Kingdom... there is a lot more going on than just Verlaat, and later on, the Dutchy of Crest is deeply intertwined. If you did just a character, Verlaat would have something like Prince Verlaat, Priests of Holy Guard, Elneith, and King of Mankind. Proxies would be neutral, allowed into any file. Something like that.
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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby Aoi » Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:57 pm

Yeah I was thinking of allowing Proxys since some things related to characters happen to be in other spheres at like lv4 and above too. I am fleshing out the idea, so keep bringing in suggestions and stuff. I did look at Shiro's chart, but I need somebody to explain the lore more to me, so i know how to categorize people like belfyna and the cmd dolls, and if I should put in Ainhazzard and his ex belt friends.
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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby hexagram » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:19 pm

I am a bit confused. Only those characters on the list. No grims units or sacrificial units?

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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby Aoi » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:37 pm

No those on the list are things revolving around those character's lore, so those are the cards that should occupy most of the file, you will be allowed to have regular units, but not characters that are unrelated to the lore. Same goes for grims that specifically have to do with certain characters. Those will be restricted to the file of that character, however you may use general grims. The exceptions being the proxys to make it easier to multisphere, and ss will probably not get any restrictions. I am still trying to come up with the rules for the file creation and stuff so nothing is completely certain yet.
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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby CainHyde » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:40 pm

I think I can help you organizing this. :3
Regarding to story, more or less I followed it.

Anyway... some suggestion.
I think to make it more accessible for anyone, you create several group/faction.
And put all card that belong to that faction that you allowed.
Then every player that join should pick one faction.
They can only use Character that included in that faction list, and they need to have at least "X" number of those card in their file, even for SS.
Maybe 9 is reasonable, 3 copy of 3 chara cards.

Grim and unit card that belonged to certain faction can't be used by other faction.

Then put some character/unit that not in the list put it in either allowed for all/banned group.
So you can ban certain problematic card, for example that Chara Hate Volfied or something.
Seriously... that card have unfair advantages.
And limit the amount of this card in file to "Y" number.

Edit: Oops, ninja Aoi get first hit
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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby Ethikx » Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:20 pm

Interested in participating. I assume creating one's own set of story aligned characters is acceptable?
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Re: Tales of Lavato Tourney

Postby Romdeau » Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:16 pm

OK sorry for late feedback on this thread-again, gauging on the overall interest so far I think this is a bit too restrictive for a Tier 1 tournament. For your first tournament, may I suggest something a little more open ended and approachable? Run it by me via PM and I'll let you know.
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