Harvest 1 Copy Mayhem Tier 1

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Re: Harvest 1 Copy Mayhem Tier 1

Postby gabotheplaya » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:06 pm

If i may...

the idea was nice idea, but it would require files that have those key OP/powercreep/rare cards that can stand alone.

Pretty difficult considering that most players have no access to suck cards.

OP dilate... bam! instant meta file.

Bringer... boom! instant counter to a possible win condition.

Belus... pew! shutdown possible rushes.

only thing i can think of that can fit in this tourney available early is zuga from the lawt starter.

Which brings me back to my suggestion to maybe let 1 set in so that there is at least some wiggle room to build around (changing my suggestion to 1 set of NON CHARACTER since 3 characters might just power through files). think pucera SS on an elite fencer which could work against speedy files with no def breaking abilities. or maybe even 3 copies of squid which effectively makes a file that supports those precious 3 copies. or legendary unicorn as a meat tank while you try some shenanigans in the back. or three undeads so that you can field 2 units at least before it leaves. or 3 copies of alruane and the file revolves around buffing it/them. 3 gorillas, nuff said.

just putting that out there again, in case you'd like some feedback. :D
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