Almost complete file to 100% 2nd batora

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Almost complete file to 100% 2nd batora

Postby cheongzewei » Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:33 am

This would be so much easier if i had crest agent as a soul or divine impact as a grimore or a 2nd consuming grudge

worst case batora game.

soul, wisp, lucia, folrart physco soldier, cursed siren metia, any 2 lp.

1) defective
2) demon eye -end with 3 lawtia, 7 sp)
3) demon eye (doll kills herself.) 3 lawtia - 12 sp
4) tidal (elixir mistress goes home, phycho soldier targets calibon.) iczer. Batora for some reason plays slate of crime here.
Field is empty. 3 lawtia, 3 refress, 3 falkrow, 8 sp left. (-1 batora lp)
5) demon eye, batora doesn't play anything. 6 sp left.
6) demon eye lands, batora plays a unit. (false florence?) You play assasin and later in FRONT of demon eye. 5 sp left. )-2 batora lp)
7) warning knife on assasin. kill unit, demon eye iczers. 0 sp. (-3 batora lp sp forced into 0)
8) syph on demon eye, kill florence with just attacks
9) 3 sp left, batora plays a unit, Use this 3 sp to gain more sp, be ready to kill. Iczer into batora.
10) kill and iczer, kill and iczer
11) win

turn 6 options for batora:
plays regina = forbidden book, kill and iczer and win

plays false clown = grudge to return him and iczer and win.

anything else= figure it out, 3 tidals or returns, and with metia as soul and assasin killing everything, you shouldn't have a problem.
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